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Which generation are you?


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Hello all,

Been born in 1971, I was not able to see TOS during their original airdate, but I discovered and fallen in love with ST during the re-runs of the 70s. Like many fans, I followed the TOS Motion Pictures from 1979 to 1991. In 1987 I was 16 years old and watched TNG and enjoyed it as much. So my question is, from my age group, to which serie I belong to? TOS or TNG???

And what about you? To which generation do you belong to?



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I am of the same generation as the people who were born around the same time as me.

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I must take TNG, but I think Kirk is badass. Maybe I am a mix of the two?


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Born in 77, watched reruns of the original growing up - for a while in the mid 80s, the local PBS in northeastern Pennsylvania had commercial free TOS, and my aunt would tape it and give us the VHS to take back down to DC when we visited.

Watched the first airing of almost every TNG episode, and have been hooked since   Guess that means I'm in the TNG generation??


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I am of the TOS generation, but my favorite is The Next Generation.  It amazes me to see how many fans grew up with DS9 or Voyager.  And, now, some may have grown up with Enterprise.  Wow!

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I guess technically I would be from the TNG Generation since I was 7 when it first aired. However my dad was a Trek fan so I got grandfathered in as it were since I grew up watching TOS and especially the movies. I consider myself to be the last of the TOS generation.

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Well, I was born in 1989, one day after Shades of Gray originally aired actually. So I was around for TNG Season 3 onward, but I obviously was too young to get into Trek at the time.

I didn't have an interest in Trek until I was about 9 or 10, and TNG was my first Trek series, but it was 1999 and 2000 that I really started watching Trek, but I didn't even know DS9 or Voyager existed yet until later, and I didn't get to watch them until 2003 and 2004 when they came out on dvd. I watched alot of TNG in re-runs in 2001 and then got the dvds in 2002. I had no interest in Enterprise until about 2007 or so, so I then got those dvds. I saw Broken Bow and These Are The Voyages when they first aired, but that was it. So I really never watched any of the series when they were on regular tv. I saw Nemesis in the theater and Star Trek 2009 in the theater.

So I'm not sure which generation I should be classified as.


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I am TNG & ENT girl only seen the TOS cast in 1 movie the rest was TNG movies except the last one I didn't see that one and from what I have read I don't want to.  I did like the reboot that JJ did looking forward to the new one

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I was born in 1978. When I was about 12 I went to the library to rent the Star Wars movies again, but they were out. They did have the Star Trek movies though, so I thought I would check them out. After that, I was hooked. Started watching and taping TNG. My brother and I had a huge Trek vhs collection. I loved TOS crew and their movies may have started it all for me, but TNG has always been my favorite. I've enjoyed all of the other series as well, except for Enterprise. I just CANNOT get into it. I absolutely loved the new movie though. Very much looking forward to the next!


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'98, so i've only seen reruns on cbs action and a few episodes that i've been able to scrounge off the internet but i'll admit, i don't really have a favourite

i'm not a great fan of the tos series but love the films, and the voyage home is what got me hooked on star trek

i havent seen any of ds9 and only the last episode of enterprise but i've seen a lot of voyager tng and tos

there are good and bad points in all three i think so i have no fav

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