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Star Trek Las Vegas convention 2013


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Hi BT,  This was my seventh Creation Vegas Convention in a row so I have a bit of perspective. Yes, this year was Awesome! In a way it was a deeper convention in terms of the discussions and questions on the main stage, but there was as much fun and music and laughter as ever too. At first it felt like maybe there was less of a WOW factor; not sure if that is because we didn't have all the captains coming or what, but in fact it was very exciting. I love that we had several actors from Into Darkness with us and they made a big impression.

 I think Creation and the Rio are starting to work together really well. We sit in the Gold section, thanks to my boyfriend Joe, and believe me I don't take it for granted. I have to pinch myself at times. I also find it astounding that Adam greets us by name every year; it's that personal connection, whether with your seatmates, Creation staff, or the actors themselves, that makes this so special to me.

Excited that this was your first con, you will have to come back! We have made friends from all over the world and look forward to seeing them.

I am getting ready to go to a smaller Creation Star Trek Con here in Seattle in about another week and a half. It will be fun to experience that too. Anyway, glad you made it to LV. Hope to see you there next year.


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Thanks BrinaMary, I am so, going to be back next year! Everybody was great. Fans, staff and celebs!  BT


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Bajor Tim

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Parodymandotcom; PERFECT summary of the convention. This was also my first convention. I think the only thing that you missed (or maybe I just missed it), the fans were great fun. I made a couple of friends last weekend. Maybe I'll see you next year!     A ram joi (thanks much) BT



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This was my second Khan and it was a great time once again.  Even though it is only my second, it's already getting to the point that I'm going more to meet people, talk Trek, and see cool things like the bridge restoration as opposed to seeing the celebs.  The panels in the second room were quite cool as well as they are more interactive.  Looking forward to STLV 2014.


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@parodymandotcom; That is a great recap of your convention experience! Very well done. And the ending almost brought tears to my eyes. 

This was also my first Star Trek convention. I really loved seeing and participating in the cosplay. I am in awe of many of those costumes, they look so professional. There was so much going on all the time, it was rather overwhelming for me. In hindsight, I hate that I missed certain things, like the One Trek Mind panels. Knowing that I had the opportunity to contribute to the vote but didnt, keeps me from commenting on the results. I had scheduled photo-ops with most of the stars that I wanted, but since they are so rushed, the experience was not quite all I had hoped for.

We are part of Star Trek convention history with the Guinness World Record! I think thats really cool. I am considering whether I will attend next year or not. If so, I hope to see you guys there.


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