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am i missing something with this series?


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i watched enterprise then tos then tng and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of every episode am i missing something with this series?


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Deep Space Nine is a get-to-know-it type series. The characters aren't a cookie cut out of the best of starfleet, but rather an amalgamem of people from different walks of life being roughed out and finished through the series development. This is why this off-shoot is hard to get into for some. It also focuses on the day to day adventures of a space station which to most people lacks excitement.


But what this series lacks in monster of the week and exploration, it makes up for with some of the best written episodes in the Trek series, a deep and coloful story line that arcs through several seasons, and becomes the bad boy spin off of Gene Roddeberry as it knocks the chinks out of the shining armor of the Federation and lets us see that its not so perfect in the 24th century after all.

It'll take time to get to know the characters and to grow with them as the series progresses, but at the end you will find that it was worth the watch.


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DS9 is better at creating a lot of foundational information about the characters - they're much more real than the rest of the series.  While DS9 might be "darker" than most shows, I think it's deeper.

What I really like is that they don't always just warp off after "fixing" a problem - consequences sometimes show up much later.


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im starting to like it more and more  i going  to keep watching i thought it was boring at first thank you!


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I used to be a HUGE TNG fan.  Well, I still am, but I always thought it was the absolute best that Star Trek had to offer.  Then, I started watching DS9 more and more and  started realizing that it's really much better.  In my humble opinion of course. 

To me, DS9 feels more realistic, even if we're talking about sci-fi.  The TNG characters are all great, but they're archetypes.  They're all noble, almost-too-perfect paragons of virtue, and they only focus on the main characters.  Each episode is pretty much self-contained and there's not much of a story to the whole series.  Don't get me wrong, I love TNG but it's just too shiny for me; if that makes sense.

DS9 on the other hand definitely has an amazing arc to it.  There's a continous story from the first episode to the last; you see the progression of each character and how all of the events come together and build upon each other.  There's a large supporting cast and I love how they matter.  Also, in my opinion Dukat is the best, most textured villian in all of Star Trek.  The best part, and what separates it from TNG for me, is that every character is flawed and therefore, real.  They're not all knights in shining armor, but they're still the kind of people you want on your side when the crap hits the fan.

I guess it's what you like in the end, but those are the reasons why I like it.  If you give it a chance, I don't think you'll be disappointed.  I can see why hardcore ST fans would get turned off by it because there's a lot of non Star Trek-y things in it, but again, I feel it's strength is in the huge cast of textured characters and the fact that there's a definite progression with the whole series.

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