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Top Ten Favourite Trek Characters (Any Series/Movie)


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1. Kirk- the perfect mold of an ideal hero...and someone with a true, realistic character arc throughout the franchise. 

2. Spock- there's no Data, no 7 of 9, no Odo, and no EMH without this groundbreaking sci-fi character. Maybe one of the top 3 characters ever created for television ever. Everyone else was an imitation. 

3. Benjamin Sisko- What a fantastic character and an interesting personal journey. Making Sisko a single dad and reluctant savior was brilliant and risky. Love it. 

4. Worf- Between TNG and DS9, no character has appeared more or been developed more. He was a complex and fun character to watch develop. 

5. Kira- Star Trek's best, most realistic nonstereotypical female character. She was strong, with a very human "vulnerability" and one of the most fascinating characters in the franchise. 

6. Riker- on a show filled with stiff, perfect people...Will Riker was a relatable man's man who you could really go along with. 

7. Ro Laren- brought much needed conflict and heat to an otherwise fairly sterile environment. 

8. Tuvok- in my opinion, the most interesting thing about Voyager, And almost as convincing as an emotionless alien as Spock was. 

9. Garak- are you kidding me? Garak was the unsung backbone of what made DS9 so fascinating and complex. 

10. Dr McCoy- brought the human element to Star Trek. McCoy represented US as the audience...a simple country doctor swept off on fantastic adventures with all kinds of unearthly and unique characters. Brilliant!  



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I agree, picking a top 10 is very difficult!

1. Spock - From the first instant I ever watched Star Trek: TOS he was the character that I was instantly drawn to. I loved his scientific mind, the way he was the opposite to Captain Kirk's incredibly impulsive and opportunistic ways. To be honest, there isn't any explanation needed for him. His constant battle with his human side is always fascinating to observe, especially when he cracks and smiles at Jim. I think it may also be my thing about pointed pinnae, too.

2. Data - Despite Spock being my overall favourite character, the original was Mr. Data, due to TNG being the first every series I watched. Data holds a soft spot in my heart, because as a child, my parents did aliken me to his character. I grew up with Data (admittedly, he was also my childhood imaginary friend during the whole of the 90s). Whenever anything happened to him (and even now), I felt it emotionally. To be honest, Data and Spock should be a joint first... But alas, Spock just slightly overshadows Data for some reason...

3. Captain James T. Kirk - Who can't love the amorous Captain Kirk? He will always be my favourite captain, due to his impulsive and boyish behaviour. I'm probably one of the few people who likes how he enunciates words. His overall portrayal is just easily loveable. Not to mention in his youth he was pretty damn fine (both versions).

4. Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Next up has to be Picard. No captain in my opinion has matched his attitude and personality. His love for his ship and classical things just adds to his appeal. The amount of moments he's made me giggle is numerous, not intentionally, just his attitude towards things, such as children.

5. Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy/ The Doctor/ Dr. Beverly Crusher - I will admit, Bones, The Doctor and Beverly can't be split in my opinion. They fuelled my want to become something in the medical field and to this day I'm working at it! They also brought humour to the series and who can't mention the timeless "I'm a doctor, not a...." phrase.

6. William T. Riker - Always admired Riker. I still can't get over how different he looks without his beard. His willingness to actually board an unknown Klingon vessel and learn from them was something as yet unseen (until later series anyway, and Worf doesn't count). But to be honest, he was part of the backbone that shaped the Enterprise-D, and of course, he was pretty handsome.

7. Q - I can't not mention Q. Every time he appeared, you could just hear Picard's distaste, but I think there was a great love-hate relationship there. His constant interference was a great source of amusement for me.

8. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott - What couldn't that man fix in such little time allowed? His accent, his loveable attitude and the fact he was Scottish just makes him a memorable character. And he provided me with plenty of excuses for science classes...

9. Captain Jonathan Archer - He captained the first starship and made first contact with quite a few alien species! He's bold, fun-loving, and he loves beagles.

10. Seven of Nine - Her bluntness and the way she was just amazed me. I found it interesting that she, like Data, was trying to achieve humanity, though in her case she was trying to retrieve hers.

Notable mentions:

Guinan, Captain Sisko, Trip, Tasha Yar, Worf (for his dating advice), Lore, Quark and Porthos!


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Julian Bashir

Leonard McCoy

Jadzia Dax


Jean Luc Picard


Beverly Crusher


Benjamin Sisko


Kira Nerys

(No particular order, yes I know there's eleven and there's even more favourites of mine.)



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William T. Riker

In representing Riker, Jonathan Frakes has allowed himself, on a number of occassions, to look foolish and/or act in a way that was pretty silly. For example, the outfit he wore on ANGEL ONE and what an insufferable jerk Riker became, in HIDE & Q. Riker falling for an androgynous, genderless alien he'd leave STAR FLEET for in THE OUTCAST! And, of course, Riker's persistant and repeated refusals to accept his own command of a starship. As a Leading Man, image is everything, yet Frakes always seemed to put the product first, as evidenced by the movies he's directed. And he's great with his costars and the fans.

James T. Kirk

Despite himself being very goofy, insecure, pompous and arrogant, William Shatner's portrayal of Kirk proved to be iconic. More than this, though, his Jim Kirk was NOT a reluctant hero. He wanted to be a Captain, he freely chose to be a leader who would do great things. And I think that's a great message for kids, especially, that you CAN dream big. That life is often cruel yes, but it will also allow you to prove yourself and reward hard work.

Miles O'Brien

He's always been very "real" to me, I sincerely appreciated Colm Meaney's performances.

Beverly Crusher

Of ALL the doctors, she always seemed to be the most empathetic and I love her for it. Unfortunately, there was a "learning curve" with her acting skills, along the way, but even then, Gates McFadden's beauty and charm were always a stand out.

Deanna Troi

Marina Sirtis was absolutely everything the part required: sexy, exotic, sweet as candy, and her delivery on her made-up accent did not annoy, as fake accents often tend to do. Unfortunately, I despised Troi's Psycho-Babble, every time it was given utterance, but outside of that, I've always found Deanna to be very charming and beautiful to behold.


Jolene Blalock was wasted on this show, pretty much. Chosen more for being eye candy, than for being a talented actress, which she certainly was. She saved ENTERPRISE for me.

B'Elanna Torres

Roxann Dawson was a real stunner! I hated, absolutely HATED that goofy, rubber head she had to wear, all the time. Just ... really hard to look at that thing without wanting to rip it off, knowing there was a total BABE underneath it all. Outside of this, I always liked her delivery and felt she was a fine actress. After the initial jolt of seeing that lame mold on her forehead, I always found myself wishing she had more screen time.

Jean Luc Picard

Had he had a French father and English mother, then Patrick Stewart's portrayal of him would've been spot on. Otherwise, Patrick deserves all of the accolades he's been given as a legendary, Shakespearian actor. He never disappointed in his role as the good captain.

Quark & Odo

The jokes with these two almost always worked and made me laugh. Credit not to be given to the writing, so much, as to the great performances by René Auberjonois and Armin Shimerman.


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Off the top of my head, if I thought about it more it might change some. 

1. James T. Kirk (Shatner) - My childhood hero, Kirk just embodies cool and watching his adventures was always fun

2. Spock (Nimoy) - It is only logical I include him

3. Benjamin Sisko - Very complex and interesting character faced with many tough decisions

4. William T. Riker - A great second in command who handled himself well in many situations

5. Kira Nerys - One of the best developed characters in Trek

6. Trip Tucker - A cool, down to earth character that was relatable

7. Seven of Nine - Had an interesting journey in discovering her humanity

8. Data - Some of the best episodes centered on him

9. Worf - Really enjoyed watching him develop through the years, especially on DS9

10. The Doctor - Great at providing comic relief


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I never watched The Original Series and I'm still going to watch Enterprise, so this list excists only The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager members.

1 Data, TNG. I like A LOT of Star Trek character, but Data is without a doubt my all time favorite character. What's there to say? He's just a legacy. The concept of a humanoid form computer who wants to be human is just brilliant. Data is brilliant. Literally and figurally. I'm still not over his death.

2 B'Elanna Torres, VOY. Although I'm not much of a Klingon fan, I was a big fan of half Klingon-half human B'Elanna Torres. I liked the fact that she disliked being half Klingon and she just carried an interesting story. Besides, I love B'Elanna and Tom Paris. They're my favorite Star Trek couple ever.

3 Elim Garak, DS9. Garak was a mystery to everyone and you never really know what he really thinks and if he speaks the truth or not. I guess that's what made him such a great character. I'm always trying to figure out Garak. Then add a sense of humor and you can make an even greater character.

4 Dukat, DS9. Okay, I admit, I've always been a fan of the Cardassians. They're such a great race. But Dulat had got me interested from the beginning. He was kinda like the anti-here, and I have a thing for those characters. Although I preferred the Dukat at the beginning of DS9, the one who was cruel and evil but seemed to have a heart. When he chise the Dominion's side and got all crazy and paranoid, I was a little dissapointed, to be honest.

5 Jean-Luc Picard, TNG. Picard's just the ultimate example of a captain with swag. Besides from the fact that Patrick Stewart is an amazing actor and he made Picard better than any actor could ever play a Star Trek-character, the character is also very well written. I love the concept of a little cranky, but most of all a damn good, captain.

6 Seven of Nine, VOY. I like Borg episodes, but I'm not really a fan of the Borg themselves. Seven of Nine was a different case. It's not just the concept of a former Borg drone trying to regain humanity, but it's also just the character itself. Seven is just an amazing character and she is so much better than Kes.

7 Kira Nerys, DS9. When thinking of Kira, I think about a strong and brave woman, but also a loyal and faithful one. The whole thing with the religion kinda irritated me on DS9, but the Bajorans are an interesting race. And I think Kira is one of the nicest Bajorans. She's got such girl power, and she seems so confident. Also, I loved the chemistry beween Kira and captain Sisko.

8 Odo, DS9. I was fascinated by Odo from the beginning. And not just his shapeshifting ability. At first sight, Odo seemed like a cranky old stranger who was only interested in his work, but I knew there was more going on. The fact that he had always been in love with Major Kira changed him completely. Although I didn't really liked the fact that she, at one point, loved him back.

9 Joe, VOY. The Doctor always made me laugh. He is hilarious. I always laughed about his arrogance and sarcasm. But I also liked the concept of a hologram who wants to live more like a human and have the same rights. He has evolved so much over the series.

10 Quark, DS9. Although they're not my favorite race - who doens't love the Ferengi? Right. Nobody. And Quark is one of the funniest Ferengi. I loved it when he did good deeds but didn't want to admit it; he never wants to admit he cares. But I especially loved the chemistry between Quark and Odo. All the Quark Odo scenes are my favorites from DS9.


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Most of mine are going to be TOS and TNG characters, because I'm a fan of those two series first, but I included one regular from each series

10.Khan (the best villain in the series, so he has to be here)

9.The Doctor/EMH


7.Trip Tucker

6.Commander Riker

5.Dr Mccoy

4.Captain Picard



1.Captain Kirk (how could anyone but Kirk and Spock be 1 and 2?)


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1. Spock - Was always my favourite character since watching TOS the first time.

2. Seven - She's just great!

3. Data

4. Picard

5. Kirk - Although I disliked his constant making out with women, I overall liked his character a lot.

6. Janeway

7. Worf

8. Deanna

9. Odo

10. Jadzia Dax


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1-TOS Spock


2-TOS Kirk  


3-TOS McCoy 




5-Jadzia Dax 








9-Dr. Phlox




Honorable Mention: Porthos   (Seriously, everytime he came on screen I smiled.)

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