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Top 10 worst characters


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1. Data (I hate him, he is the most annoying, irritating and boring character ever created, he is also cheap why would an android have flashing led lights everywhere????)

2. Tom Paris (There is nothing endearing about him at all, boring, boring, boring and irritating)

3. Q (I just hate him)

4. Julian Bashir (Pointless character that they tried to make more interesting with genetic engineering and Section 31, should have just killed him off)

5. William Riker or as I like to call him Grizzly Bear, why do all the women fancy him? why does he kiss people like he's trying to eat them? nd why oh why does he feel the need to put his big fat hairy grizzly leg on the Ops Console stand??? 

6. Benjamin Sisko (just a crap over actor, JENNN-iiiiiiiii-FER)

7. Robin Curtis as Saavik - awful, awful

8. Malcolm Reed (I hate the American interpretation of an English accent (I know he's English) but none of us sound like that, least of all him, he's from Liecester they sound like right tramps!)

9. Jonathan Archer (Crap Captain)

10. Tuvok (Bloody Mind Meld Mad)

Finally I hate Rick Berman for creating the poor premise that was Enterprise and there not being any new Star Trek series being produced at the minute!!


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I am surprised you don't hate Star Trek at all..

Blast your theories and observations!


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I have said it in a previous post, but i will say it again.


Trek is anti hate. So, keep your crap comments for yourself and go ennoy people on other boards.

DS9 RULES!!!!!


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Do you like Star Trek? At all? Because almost every character you named is part of what makes Star Trek so good! (except for Robin Curtis as Saavik, I do agree with you on that one) I'm just glad you left the Original Series alone, or this might be war. Maybe you should go find a Twilight board to comment on.

Ahh, Kirk, my old friend. Do you know the Klingon proverb which tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It's very space.


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whoa someone ha to lay off the gator  hater aid =A=

please leave thease comments to the stuff that is really bad. justian bebier, one direction, and glitter

want a hug


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Erm yes I love Star Trek, I just think it would be better without some characters in it, the ones that have no substance.  Although I do hate some of the characters mentioned above I wouldn't have the shows without them.  After all, becoming irritated by people is only human as you have demonstrated in your reponses after I annoyed you.

Anyway, I am entitled to an opinion and to share it! No?

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