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i got it


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i got the animated series season one i thnk it reminds me of the origanal  series.


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Many of the scripts used had been intended for the 4th season of TOS.

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i think i've an episode or two of it yet to watch, i might do that tonight

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Well it should remind you of TOS, it IS TOS simply in animated form. I personally don't consider TAS separate from TOS. It has 2 seasons, granted very short seasons, but hey it gave TOS it's 5 year mission!


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Classic cheesy 70's animation, combined with very dry readings off the scripts....what's not to love?

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Plus TAS made Lucifer a good guy, classic!


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they are all awesome.


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great stories,  not well implemented for the most part, but great stories

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I agree! I thought TAS was great because of its stories! Very well done for an animated series.


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I have had TAS the complete series for some time, aside from a few episodes I am just now getting to viewing.

Right away I love the 70's style animation and the dramatic music, very much in the style of the original 60's Spider-man animated series.

The stories are great, true TOS Trek. Not having viewed the whole series yet it is like having brand new TOS stories for me.

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When I was younger I wrote off The Animated Series as being a "dumbing down for kids" version of Trek and dismissed it without watching. It wasn't till many years later, after I found out that many of the scripts used in the series were intended for series 4 of TOS that I decided to give it a try.


Let me tell you I'm glad I did! 

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Someone has probably said this already but I would LOVE a Next Gen animated series or even a Voyager or DS9 Animation. 

My 4 year old watched the TAS repeatedly after I bought it.. I can't watch it any more now.. too much!


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I loved the episode where Spock has to save his younger self.  

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