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Trying to Find Active TNG Sims


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Report this Aug. 13 2012, 9:41 am

I'm looking to get back into simming.  I much prefer play-by-forum, but a lot of the fleets and ships I knew a few years ago seem to be gone.

While I'd love to find either a TOS or TNG-era ship that's active, I'm willing to settle for anything in the main timeline (not the Abramverse).

Does anyone have any tips?


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It looks impressive, but it seems the Science Department is completely closed?

xXData's GirlXx

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There is a TNG based one right here. It's very active.

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Ultra Trek

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I have one based on the Federation of the 25th century. We visit the timelines commonly.


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Just starting a mission in the TNG forum here, all new players welcome. We're going to Romulus on a spy mission, involving villains from TNG, TOS, and trek films as well, promises to be crazy! We are going there disguised as Romulans, going up against the Tal Shiar and Commander Sela, among other surprises.

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Hey there, I have several SIMs that you might be interested, you can check out all of our sims at click on Fleet Sims or you can email me and I will be happy to work with you and find you the right place if you havent already 





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You should look at my sim.  We are coming back from a hiatus and are begging to pick up the pace again.  Were set in a slightly diffrent timeline than most, but it's quite enjoyable.  The 2nd in command posistion is open if I remember properly.


We are a play by email sim and look foward to seeing you on the ship.


If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line on here or at

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