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Which actor would you like to see in the upcoming Star Trek film?


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I personally would like to see Jeffery Combs do a cameo. Weyoun...Brunt...Shran...and so many more. It would be nice to see some of these actors come back to the franchise for a little bit.


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I don't know about the next movie but I, for onr, would love to see Jack Black reprise the role of Harry Mudd.

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I hadn't thought of that, Beershark. That would be interesting. I think Jack Black might be able to pull that off. But I think I'll go with Jeffrey Combs. He was my favorite guest star on Enterprise and it would be cool to see him in one of the movies.

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I would love for Harry Mudd to be in a Star Trek movie just to hear Kirk say his name again. lol 


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