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Looking for a home


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I'm an experienced simmer, looking to get back into simming, preferably in a position as XO or 2XO in an active game. feel free to pm

xXData's GirlXx

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Too bad there are no PMs here

tai nasha no karosha :)


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The most popular on the site are the TNG RPG, and Star Trek, the New Adventures on Enterprise-J in the 25th century.

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A Call To Duty is an RPG that is still going.  It was the only RPG to be sanctioned by Paramount.  Check it out here:


I've been playing since 1998.  They have chat, newsfleet and PBeM ( Play By eMail )


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Actually i got both a CO and a XO job possibly open atm, if your still interested and looking feel free to check us out and email me, our web site is and my email is 



Robert (Admiral Wakeland) 


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If your character is still without a home you should look at my sim.  We are coming back from a hiatus and are begining to pick up the pace again.  Were set in a slightly diffrent timeline than most, but it's quite enjoyable.  


Please feel free to visit our website and if you like what you see send me a message via the email address below.


We are a play by email sim and look foward to seeing you on the ship.


 If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line on here or at

Ultra Trek

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The New Adventures RPG was started by me, and I suggest it because it is set in my fan fiction which I hope to make famous.

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