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Jadzia vs Ezri

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Created by: Sehlat123


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Jadzia was more awsome. Ezri was just confused.

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jadzia, i was so mad when she died!  maybe if the show would have continued and i would have seen ezri more i would have liked her, but as soon as i got used to her the show ended.  but even so, she was no jadzia


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Either way Jadzia Dax, as Ezri was a worthy successor to her. Ezri Dax managed very well with all the previous hosts. It was very sad to see Jadzia being murdered by Dukat. She was very special.


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Jadzia. We had her for six years. We had time to know her. But Ezri was really likable. She just had not enough time to grow as a character.

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Ezri needed a sound spanking and some corner time....and Jadzia was just the woman to give it to her....

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I liked Ezri more.  I liked that we got to meet her family and I thought she did a good job playing confused in the first few episodes of season 7 and then gradually getting things sorted out.




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At the time, Jadzia's character was more-established.  Later, in the books, Cpt. Ezri Dax has come into her own, as her own person, as Captain of the U.S.S. Aventine.  I love that ship and her crew!  They would be a good new series.

But, of the two individuals, Jadzia was my favorite.

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I think Ezri was the more complex and dynamic character, and Nicole deBoer was a marginally better actress. Jadzia had no family, no past, and not even a name of her own: everything about her personality actually belonged to her past hosts. That meant that Jadzia could be whoever the writers wanted her to be from week to week, sometimes fighting with Klingons, sometimes gambling with Quark, other times just being the science officer. She was all over the place.

Maybe it's just because Terry Farrell had an extremely limited range -- maybe three emotions, tops -- that the character seems bland to me. When she's absent from an episode I usually don't notice.


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Jadzia's name was Idaris. Her mother was Keyla and she had at least one sister -- but yes you really did have to pick that information out of some very fleeting references. I don't think they ever mentioned her childhood name in the series at all.

Honestly, Ezri was more interesting and accessible as a character. It is a shame that she only had a year, but in that time the writers did manage to develop her into a stronger character than she was at the beginning. It's always more interesting to me when characters have something to overcome. Jadzia often came off as a little bland to me.

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Makes No difference to me; They were both Smoking Hot!

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Ezrie, Jadzia (you can tell) thought Odo and Major Kira, together was weird!!!Hen

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Wish there could been at least two seasons with Ezri. I found her to be the more interesting character as far as development goes.


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I prefer Jadzia. Ally McTrill was nice too but just not the same.


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I was thinking about it the other day.  Although Tasha Yar's death (in TNG) was awful, Jadzia's death was a sad moment--to me, a sadder moment.

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