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Odo vs Quark

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Created by: matthewhh


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I'd say Quark, he is my favorite character from the show, and I think Odo is overly mean to him sometimes


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I like Quark, but Odo was just trying to do his job and to fit in among the solids.

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The question is not who you like the most but whose side you choose in their conflicts. Although he can be mean to Quark in a playful way, Odo always stays righteous. In 'Profit And Loss' (S02E18) he even opposes Sisko and the Bajoran government by setting free the members of the Cardassian resistance movement. Most of the time Quark lies and cheats, so the only right answer can be or should be Odo.

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Odo Duh!!!!!! He's so cute! but besides that he has morals unlike Quark, who lets face it is a JERK. but when you put the two in one episode (as long as the outcome is good for Odo) they are really funny!  i will always side with Odo!

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Well, Odo of course.  Any time Odo and Quark were at odds, it was probably because Quark was trying to break the law.  So, if we're talking about who's morally right, it's Odo.  If we're talking about who I'm rooting for to win, it's Quark


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You gotta' love Quark. He (as well as Odo) was always true to his own personal Code of Conduct; "The Rules Of Acquisition."


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Whichever one is the most entertaining at the time, which usually ends up being Quark. I do like seeing him wriggle his way out of various situations with Odo. I do like seeing Odo's expression when he catches Quark doing something. But I think if he ever "won" entirely then Quark would go to gaol and there would be no more fun.

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they are great together like pb-n-j.


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I'd say Quark who doesn't like him. He's devious, resourceful, shady but still hard not to like him, his character is far more appealing then Odo's  character who i find far too rigid , but respect how "just" it is.

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NO!!! Odo's votes are going down!!

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Odo is just a dear. Its just that he has a difficult time showing it. If Quark was my friend he would just always want to borrow money that he will not pay back. Their relationhip is like a game of tag. you dont want to be cuaght by one another and your chaing each other but your having fun.


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It's a close thing - but I'd have to say Quark, for one important reason...

Over DS9's 7 years Quark stuck to his ideals more than Odo did, in fact Odo was full of contradictions and sometimes I felt he weakened as a character over the years - more so when he got together with Kira

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Quark was half based upon the marshel in  High Noon and half on the Bartender; while Odo is pure marshel, oft even saying he wants marshel law, and sometimes (far too often) seeming more  Stalinist or Nazi than starfleet.

Quark turns out to be a very good man, struggling with (and choosing to engage in, even when it could cost him his life [which it does to his double the Mirror Universe]) moralities and social issues, that Odo would just rather avoid dealing with.

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HAY!!!! Chris, we resent that!!! (we meaning Odo)

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