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Odo vs Quark

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Created by: matthewhh


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I think they both need each other. But I'll choose Odo, because he was always providing security for the station.


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The relationship between the two of them is one of the best things about the show!  You can't choose between them, that would be like choosing the heads side of the coin or the tails.



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Quote: sdt1701 @ Sep. 09 2012, 3:12 pm


>It's a close thing - but I'd have to say Quark, for one important reason...

>Over DS9's 7 years Quark stuck to his ideals more than Odo did, in fact Odo was full of contradictions and sometimes I felt he weakened as a character over the years - more so when he got together with Kira


Good points!  Odo does have some contradictions.  Would you say he was wishy-washy or weak as water?

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NO, miklamar i would not!!!!!!!!

"I don't believe in luck, but I appreciate the sentiment." - Odo


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Quark is great how can you not love his swindling ways!?


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I'm not so sure I have picked a side so much as I simply enjoy their conflicts.

I will say that of the Ferengi shown, they usually seem not to be types you would want to know in real life, but they are one of my most well loved species in all of Star Trek. They are fun.


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Those two are hilarious together! Makes me smlie or laugh everytime. I'll go with Quark cause he's just funny and cool. 


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They are both awesome. Odo does his own thing and is as sneaky as Quark. I like Quarks ideas and mischievious ways.


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I suppose I always wanted to see Quark get away with whatever scheme he was doing.


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I believe that Odo was mean to Quark in order to keep him from going over the edge. Odo let Quark off without the punishments he had the right to inflict upon him because he knew that Quark was a good man deep down. The meanness was to remind him to avoid trying riskier and more devious things.

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Odp just b/c I've always been a law and order guy at heart.

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Way to go chris.l.harris! Odo rules

"I don't believe in luck, but I appreciate the sentiment." - Odo


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odo thats not even a fair comparison



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Quark is the JR Ewing of DS9


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both were the ideal examples of the cultures they were raised in, so we may judge quark harshly, but he was just being what he was raised to be, we just cant judge him based  our own culture. on the other hand, odo may have been harsh on quark, but he was simply being a good changeling.

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