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Insurrection or Nemesis?

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Created by: Sehlat123


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I prefer nemesis. I like action movies, and Insurrection seemed kind of bland between First Contact and Nemesis.

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Both good, but I liked Nemesis better, just more action, not to mention the Scimitar and an evil clone of Picard, and the Remans were about the toughest looking villains we've seen in a while.

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Well, for me it was sequential:


First Contact



In that order!  As a rule, series ALWAYS better than the movies.

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I liked Insurrection better even though they said forceable relocation every other sentence.

Nemesis just seemed like a cheap Wrath of Khan knockoff. Not to mention that I thought we were finally gonna see a movie with Romulans as the villain and instead we got nosferatu & vinyl fetish Picard clone.

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Definitely Nemesis. Insurrection had it's good points, but I liked the idea and story of Nemesis as well as the action movie aspect a lot better.

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Insurrection had a better story line then Nemesis hands down.

Nemesis had better CGI.


So in my list of which is the best TNG film it goes like this

Story                                                                 Looks

Generation - First Contact                        Nemesis

Insurrection                                 Generations - First Contact

Nemesis                                                    Insurrection


Nemesis is a redone version of Wrath of Khan, if they kept the deleted scenes or made it a 2 and half hours or 3 log movie would of made it better because they can add more, to me it was a redone version of Wrath of Khan and was tooo sort for what it was but had the some of the best actions scenes in it. 


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To be honest, I thought the storyline for Nemesis was terrible. I enjoyed seeing the familiar faces of the TNG characters, and i enjoyed the soundtrack, but that was pretty much it. By the end of the movie, I left the theater not feeling like I had watched a Star Trek movie. 

The story for Insurrection was better, but not amazing. It might have actually seemed kind of boring, but at least we saw nice comraderie between the characters that we saw from the TNG series.   

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Nemesis actually feels like a big budget movie. Insurrection feels like a two part episode/ cheap B-movie. It's really sad because Michael Piller wrote some great episodes for TNG, but Insurrection feel like a wasted effort. With the Dominion War in full swing on DS9 and Voyager being plagued by the Borg. Piller's insistence on a "lighter story" for the TNG film as a follow up to the action centered First Contact was like pouring artic water on a hot iron. 

Nemesis aspired to give us the follow up to First Contact we deserved but it was too late and the fanbase wasn't paying attention.


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I like both films, but I have to go with Insurrection, because Insurrection is my favorite of all the Trek films

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both storys are awesome.


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Nemesis had the better story. Althought I don't feel it was the best way to send TNG off.



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1. INS

2. NEM

3. GEN

4. FC

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Why do people like insurrection so much????

Nemesis was so much better! It actually had action, not just weird old people on a planet!

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so i seen insurrection abillon times and never seen nemisis. I dont think i would see nemisis and if i do it would be one of the last ST movies. Not becuase Data dies ( people says that he come back as B-4 but i dont want b4! i want Data you just cant replace him even if they are pretty much the same)

i think Jhonithan Frakes (Riker) directed insurrection and it has a story. It might be bland but in nemisis its almost like

Picard: hey want to shoot at some romulans?!

Riker: why?


Riker:.... sure

well I dont want to bash on star trek but why is it the last two movies have poor lighting?

Nemisis- too dark

2009- too much glare it burns your eyes

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