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A New Revelation - Creating a REAL Space Based Religion


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Since I come from America we have the freedom to believe in and worship as we choose to. There are even ways of creating the religion legally so as it will be a tax free religion.

The religion that I propose in creating is based upon the belief that space exploration as a faith a base of religion will be the savior of humanity and human kind.

Such a faith can actually create a temple based upon the mass of the faithful coming together to foster their beliefs and worship and congregate accordingly based upon the foundation of beliefs that somewhere out there is the key to our benevolence as a species as well as the key to our continued survival as a species.

The religion would have weekley tithes that would go towards promoting space exploration on t.v. and radio programs. Telephone campaigns could also be conducted under a 501(c) program to seek donations for private space agencies.

Money that is collected through donations would also go too various private companies like SpaceX to help them achieve their goals regarding space exploration which is our goal as well....a goal that can best be summed up by saying..."Reaching up and out they swam through the Universe until they found theirselves. Once found they took one more step into the unknown."

I think that if a real space based religious facility was created humanities goals of space exploration would achieved with a 75% output than we have today

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If you just make it up on the spot, it's not really a faith-based religion, is it?

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Isn't that the way it works? Some guy has a some story, repeats often enough and loud enough, others start believing, boom...a new religion is born. That's how The mormons got started. That's how scientology got started. Moses all alone on the mount. The prophet Mohamed. Budism.

It always starts with one guys story...

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I joined something like that back in the 80's.  It was called an Astronomy Club.

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