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Spock, Uhura, Khan/Gary Relationship


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Well, since I can see it's become more active around here, I thought I should post up some hypotheticals!

If there was a Spock, Uhura, Khan/Gary/villain relationship going on, what would it be like? Would it be intriguing? Or would it be a waste?

How would Kirk fit in?

Just a few hypotheticals. Remember, this is about if it DID happen, not the plausibility of it occurring, since we all know anything might NOT happen.


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Well, Spock and Uhura makes sense if you consider the Abrams movie as that was obvious what was happening.


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What do YOU think I meant by it? Tell me what your closest thought was and then I'll tell you if you were right!


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I think he means what would happen if Uhura and Spock got together and hated a person who was made of DNA grafted from Khan, a random villan, and this Gary character who I have no idea who he is. That would be an interesting relationship. But too much hatred.

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I'm not sure I like the Spock/Uhura relationship.  It seems not very trekkie-like.

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