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Awww. That would be so epic though!


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Quote: Mitchz95 @ Oct. 03 2012, 6:12 pm

Quote: Ultra Trek @ Jul. 29 2012, 7:39 pm



>Well, my theoory is, when the memory download didn't work, but B4 was working against them, when Data knew what he had to do, he reactivated his brother, switched clothes, and sent B4 to the fate he knew awaited him if he went to the enemy vessel.


That sounds a bit cold for Data.

I think the memory download worked, but B-4 just needed time for his brain to interpret Data's memories. Whether they all surface or not we'll probably never know.

That's what I was thinking, too.  Just so much to process that B-4 had to let it all sit with the more simple memories coming to the forefront faster than the more complicated memories which may still be somewhere inside B-4's memory but he just doesn't know how to access them yet.

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I just finished watching Nemesis this is what I believe what happen.Although B4's Neural pathways weren't as sophisticated as Data's. Over time he did assimilate some of Data's memory. That's probably what we see at the end of Nemesis. But we can't know 4 sure.

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I still say it was Data that was in the end.


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I always thought it was B4. It seemed to me that the memory download was starting to work at the end. My theory:

The memory transfer didn't work, because B-4 was being overriden by his extra memory port thing that was controlled by Shinzon. When Shinzon's computer systems controling him blew up, his secondary port was disabled, and Data's memories started to appear.

In the JJ Abrams Countdown comics, B-4 had turned into Data, which I know isn't cannon, but I think it is the closest to cannon we have.

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