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what type of pets do you have ?


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I love Dogs and my favorite breed is a Labrador, they are the friendliest dogs you will ever come across. I got one from OneClick pet supplies a month ago.  pet medicine


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My daughter has a female gerbil named Lemmiwinks(from a South Park episode) She used to have two gerbils but Wikileaks died a month ago

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A cat (Egyptian mau) named Troi.  I wanted Spot for the name but my son insisted on Troi.

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A dog, two frogs, tons of goldfish. I've had just about everything at one point, cats, a snake, lizards, a hamster, and a parakeet.

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I currently don't have any pets but I do plan on getting a chihuahua or a daschund.


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I have a huge amount of animals. Dogs, cats rabbits, cickens, fish, and I have three pet snakes!

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