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Star Trek 25th Anniversary Celebration Tech Issues

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Created by: mikedemo42


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Tonight's event was not acceptable in any form:

They kept the lights on 20 minutes into the start
The audio was not synced up.
They had error messages on screen during the episodes.
The bottom 5-10% of the screen kept "re-painting" itself.
Audio was full of static and jumbled and the compression show huge accounts of artifacts during the presentation. 
Whole scenes and minutes were lost.

All in all I a happy I am getting the Blu Ray tomarrow.

24th Century Schizoid Man

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I watched it at a Rave Theater in Birmingham, AL and the video quality for the two episodes shown was very poor. Rather than a stunning HD look, it seemed more like SD blown up to fit the big screen. This was especially true in the interior shots in the ship. The external special effects shots were acceptably crisp (though far from stunning), especially the crystaline entity. I'm wondering if this wasn't a problem specific to this theater since no one else is commenting on it. I'm sorta kicking myself for not getting up and asking the management to check their equipment. After all, it's not as if I hadn't seen these episodes before!


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Same people that run this website ran the theater show?

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