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Star Trek TNG: The 25th Anniversary Event - Do You Fell this is neccesary

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Created by: Six of Nine

Six of Nine

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I feel it is not - what do you think?


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I don't really know why it's a theater event.  But, it's always good to see our old friends with Starfleet and the Enterprise, again.

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I say only they show it it entiredly meaning that all cut parts put in. 


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As much as I love Star Trek:TNG I find it pointless for them to make it a movie theater event especially if one has already seen the episodes and have the 1st season DvD set. This event would be good for people who know Star Trek:TNG on the surface or doesn't have accesss to watch it.


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I was unable to see it in the theatre, but it also kicks off their sale of TNG on Blue Ray, and the world wide tour of conventions, it's more than just the screenings.

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well it was fun to see that there was alot of trekkies in my area and to ee it like this. In the event they included the new effects that would be on the blu ray. I dont have a blu ray player so I could'nt see anything like that anywhere else


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Maybe a movie length episode like Encounter at Farpoint would have made more sense?

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Though the first season isn't my favorite of the show, I went with my husband to the event and we loved it. To see The Next Generation on the big screen was a treat and the inbetween specials were awesome. I don't know if I will pay the amount they're asking for the first season on Blu-Ray, but it was good to get a taste of it in theaters.

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Yes, indeed!  This show stands alone on it's own merits I think.


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Neccesary? No. Very little in this world is neccesary.

Cool and desirable? Definately!

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Necessary: no.

Something fun to go see in theaters and have a great time with other TNG fans and friends: yes!


I went to the first one and I look forward to the next event on the 29th. 

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