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Was the reason that Q real worry UFP is fact could control must Galaxy with force anyone to join


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Might Q real reason worry UFP is not because another power rising but because peaceful conquest entire galaxy for the must part.  Q long time kept Galaxy in order make sure no side conquest all of it by force. Which explain Borg unable to just assimalation entire Milk Way Galaxy. 


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Did Q really care about order in the galaxy?  I think he just thought humans were entertaining--unlike Klingons or El-Aurians.

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It is difficult to be certain of the motivations of the Q.  They started off claiming that Humans were too savage and that that was why they were to be limited to their own system, but there are many races far more savage that should have been much closer to the top of that particular list.  If you take what Q told Riker seriously about Humans still advancing while the Q have stagnated, then they might feel threatened.  If the Q really cared about who controlled the societies of mortals, they could just periodically interfere in a perplexing, but no so subtle way to remove anyone that went too far.


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Who ever said the Q did not interfare the Dominion should
easily conquest must the Galaxy along time ago the same goes with the borg
Those at least two race that Q likley prevent at least someone did.

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