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Gul Dukat: Good or Evil?


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Gul Dukat is lot like a nazi trying to escape his past by becoming a good guy or just dissapearing. Unfortunately, the founders forced him to return to his old ways. On top he lost his daughter which made down right mad. Top that off with being possessed with a pah-wraith, he "died" a villian.


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Dukat is misguided by his own arrogance and greed. However, unlike many other Cardassians he does display a goodness that is inside of him. Dukat is willing to make the right choice at certain times and I think he would be willing to do it more but it would ruin his reputation and his goal for climbing up the ranks. As others have mentioned he made such a huge decision by not killing Ziyal and raising her as his daughter. It was a huge act which displayed a warmth which can be lacking in many other cardassians 


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I agree that he is definitely a bit too complex to classify as either good or evil.  He's Nietzschean enough that he's "beyond good and evil".  That said, you're basically looking at Eichmann turned into a tragic figure.  He acts as a good foil to Kira and Sisko.  At some point, the writers must have realized the potential for his descent into madness (which I think is up there with Captain Ahab and King Lear).  Yes, you definitely get episodes that make Dukat relatable and you get some sympathy for him.  But ultimately regardless of how he rationalized his role he participated willingly in genocide.  His tragic downfall was at the hands of his own obsession with power and prestige.


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To me, Dukat is the most evil being in the universe. The fact that the Pah-Wraiths picked him to do their evil bidding says a lot. But Kira was right, he was an "opportunistic, power hungry dictator". He was capable of kindness and sympathy. He was capable of good deeds, but that does not mean he was good. Sisko was capable of doing terrible things, but that does not mean he was bad. Dukat was evil, no doubt about that.

Having said all that... I LOVE Dukat. When he's not on screen, I'm wishing he was.


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He is neither good or evil he is dukat, simple explaination!

Thot Pren

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God, Dukat was the most brilliant villain ever in Trek history. I think Behr nailed it when he talked about how Dukat was the hero of his own story. He sees himself as the good guy and no matter how horrible some of the things he did were, he did them for good reasons. If you doubt me, watch the episode "Waltz". Dukat explains why everything he did was good in his book despite the pure evil he represents. And Kira said it best when Ziyal told her she believed her father did horrible things for good reasons when she replied, "I don't think you can judge people on what they think, or what they say, only on what they do."

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