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Gul Dukat: Good or Evil?


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I think he is good. Even though he hurt a lot of Bajorans while commanding Terok Nor, but he was true that if it was someone else it would have been worse. At times he was misguided, like when he was going to kill Zeyal, but in the end he made the right decision. While under the influence of the Pa Wraiths and insanity he did a lot of bad things, but he had an excuse.


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Dukat was kinda opportunistic & power hungry dictator who pretented the Bajorans during the occupation were obviously lucky to have him as gently commander of Terek Nor.

randy kerr

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he is evil and now he with the pa wraiths for life.


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I think that cardassians are ripe with mental illnesses Dukat was guilty of quite a few of those. Yes he was evil because he was taught to be cruel


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Good bad? more kind of in the middle and nuts

definatly feeling aggresive tendancies captain


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Kira to Gul Dukat in "The Tears of Blood" for the acusations regarding Keny Garmor: "You realy enjoying this, all your sick little games?"

Dukat: "I admit, I got a certain, perverse pleasure of it."


Kira in the arc beginning the 6th season: "What is going to happen Dukat, do you think that we have some kind of intimate relationship?"

Dukat: "We already do."


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People always find good reasons to do bad things.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Baaaad! But yummi!


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Just because he saw himself as a benevolent dictator, that doesn't make him good.  He was both evil and insane.


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Furthermore he did murder Jadzia Dax what he described as: "She was in the way."


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Dukat was born into a high ranking family on cardassia. He was taught he was better than others from a young age( see "a stitch in time" by Andrew Robinson). He not only thought he was good for bajor, he thought he could be there god! But in the end what kira said to ziyal in ( I forget which episode but beginning of season 6) is true. "You can't judge someone on what they say or what they think, only on what they do!". What dukat did was murder millions of innocent bajorans, rape(or seduce?) countless bajoran women and kill the amazing jadzia dax! He was evil.


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I think the guy was Bipolar

Dita Alvarez

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I don't think he was really evil. He was just like every other Cardassian pretty much. He did do good occasionally. Dukat was definately my favourite Star Trek villian. They made him kinda dumb in the last season though


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I liked his good brother(?), Gul Macet.  He is an honorable Cardassian.

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Until season 6, he was just a power-hungry Cardassian not unlike the others. Not "evil" per say, but not good either.

After his daughter died in "Sacrifice of Angels", he was pushed over the edge and became wholly bad.

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