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Gul Dukat: Good or Evil?


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couldnt see why the Bajorans wouldnt just shut up and accept their place as a lowly servant race.


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I think the character was too complex to be defined as 'good' or 'evil'. Dukat, in his own warped mind thought of himself as a moral and upright person. I like to think that he felt guilty for the things he did in the past and that feeling disgusted his Cardassian sensibilities so much that he forced himself to justify his actions. I think he was struggling to maintain his sanity well before Ziyal's death. That incident just pushed him over the edge.


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Insane or not, he was pure evil from the start. And worse, he thought of himself as good, making him the worst kind of evil. Occupation and enslavement of Bajor, evil. Murdering thousands, evil. Summoning evil spirits into the world, very, very evil. He is just bad, nuff said.

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gul dukat was a sick little monkey.


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An evil genius.


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LOL He was FERTILE. Dude was shooting no blanks! (7 kids with his Cardassian wife, 2 with his known Bajoran lovers, maybe more!)

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Dukat was realy a fraud although for the intention to kill Zyal when he was searching for her.


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Like most evil people, he thought he had good reasons for his actions. He first made Odo a security officer because he couldnt get Cardassians involved for political reasons (Necessary Evil). I submit that ALL his actions be veiwed thru that lens; it was a necessary evil at the time.

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I Think He's Pretty Much Like New BSG's Baltar: Trapped Between Instigator And Victim.


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I agree with mitch95


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Dukat was evil all the way to the bone. All acts of kindness was just a show.


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I think Dukat was good at being evil

Honestly, I think that he was thinking he was doing things for Cardasia and that was good, but if he had to do evil things for his planet then so be it.  Towards the end though, I think he had slipped into the evil totally.


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One of the best things about DS9 was that it collapsed the artificial, binary logic of good and evil. In terms of the situation between the cardassians and the bajorans, the perpetrators were not universally villified and the victims were not sanctified, both were portrayed in a fully rounded, ambiguous way and Dukat is no different.

Gul Dukat: douchebag? yes.....evil? no

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Although I have wondered if there at the end when Dukat became involved with the Pah-wraiths if he didn't begin to believe that he was above traditional 'good' and 'evil'?  If it didn't become something between the two or perhaps a blending of good and evil


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I think Dukat was evil and got what he deserved.

But, I like the Cardassian people, especially after they became a democracy.  I would like (say, in a DS9 movie) to see them rebuild their society and their planet, in a positive way.

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