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Who's your favorite villain?


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Quote: Cap.Marty.D.Young @ Jul. 23 2012, 8:36 pm


>Gul Dukat was one of the baddest of the bad, not every day a villain summons evil spitirts like the Pah-Wraith into the universe, impersonates a Vedek, sleeps with Kia Wynn, killing his own daughter, not to mention years of atrocities against the Bajoran people during the occupation, we is one of the front runners for one of the best villains. 


Dukat did not kill his own daughter, Dumar did.

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It's a tossup between Khan and the Borg Queen (Alice Krige), but I also liked Sybok, Soran, and Shinzon. (What is it with all the S's?)

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Gul Dukat. best villain in trek

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I like Lore and Khan!! After all they are both  EPIC evil masterminds that have ever been created in the Star Trek universe.


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The Remans were a great villain, big, scary looking, incredible telepathic powers, and the Scimitar, a ship that can fire cloaked and seems nearly indestructable.

And Hugues, you're right, my memory files seem to have suffered an error.

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Dukat. I also really liked John Frederick Paxton from ENT "Demons/Terra Prime". He came out really well.

I think Khan is overrated. The acting was superb, but the character wasn't anything special.

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It has to be Khan.

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I suppose the term "favorite" is rather subjective when talking about villains.

If we're talking about most effective villains (as in most frightening), I'd have to say the Borg.

On the other hand, if we're talking about which villain I enjoyed watching the most, I'm going to have to say Dukat. He was well-developped, interesting, well-acted. You never knew where he stood, just how evil he was, and a part of you always wanted to forgive him. I remember watching Waltz and hearing him argue about how he tried to help the Bajorans when he became Prefect. Dukat was a terrible man, but I guess there was this potential in him that made us want to redeem him. Very brilliant character.


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Quote: Cap.Marty.D.Young @ Jul. 18 2012, 8:45 pm


>TOS, Romulans and Klingons, TNG, Cardassians and the Borg, DS9, The Dominion (Vorta, Jem Hadar, and Changelings, among others), Voyager, the Hirogen and Borg again, Enterprise, the Suliban and Xindi.


I love it. Covers all the bases!  But what about the omnipotents like the Q Conitnuum?

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Klingons will always be my favorite race, the Xindi Reptillians a close second.

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For an individual, hmmmmm, I think it would be a tie between Kahn, Dukat and possibly Lore.  Sela might be in that group, but we didn't get a lot of her character to see just how bad she could be.  Although in the books Sela eventually ends up as Chairman of the Tal Shiar.  So I guess she could get an honorable mention.

As for races, I guess that too could be a tie depending on if we go by ST:TOS or after ST:The Undiscovered Country.  Before, it was the Klingons and Romulans that would be in a tie.  After ST:TUC, I would say that while the Romulans were still a contender I think I would have to lean towards the Shape shifters/Founders.  I mean, they contrilled the Dominion and it would have been interesting to see if a shape shifter could be assmilated by the Borg.  That could have been an interesting story line there I think

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I like Gul Dukat as a villian. He is just plain bad.

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Oh, and the Borg too!

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Have to go with the Borg for the same reason as most, scary, almost unstoppable, and beyond reason

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