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The Eugenics Wars Books


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I have recently gotten into Star Trek. I have watched every episode of the original series and loved it. I am almost done with The Next Generation season 1, but I am preffering the original. I want to start reading some Star Trek novels. The episode with Khan was one of my favorite episodes of the original series and I noticed that there are two books about the Eugenics Wars and Khans rise to power. Have any of you read them? If so, what did you think of them? I might end up downloading them onto my kindle and reading them. Thanks for the help.

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Cox also drops in a bunch of references to other characters from TNG and VOY. But it won't hurt you to read the books before knowing those characters, so go right ahead.

But I would also recommend that you read other TOS-specific novels, since you like that series. Like "Spock's World" or "Best Destiny" or "assignment: Eternity".

And do keep going with TNG; it gets a lot better (although not better than TOS or DS9 IMO). Welcome to the world of Star Trek.


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Thanks for the help guys. I will make sure to check out the Eugenics Wars books based on your positive opinions.

In the meantime I am reading Vulcan's Soul:Exodus. It is a pretty interesting read that focuses a bit on Surak.

Data Logan, thanks for the extra book recommendations. I will make sure to check those out as well. I have been a bit overwhelmed looking for good TOS-specific books since there is so much out there.

I have gotten to the beginning of season 2 of TNG and I am enjoying it more (still not as much as TOS). When I started watching TNG, I thought that the characters were a bit stiff, but I am beginning to see the intricacies in the characters.

I'm looking forward to checking out DS9 someday. I have heard that it focuses on different alien species a lot, which I find intriguing.

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I for one have never red anything of the Shattnerverse, but I dunno in the comics from IDW is a series about Khan Sing.


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If there was one character I think needs more "air" time, it's Khan Singh, the greatest villain in star trek history. That being said, I don't think "The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonian Singh" books did the character justice. Every single chapter, with the exception of his commandeering of the "Morning Star" satellite and his gas attack on his rival, were all about his plots missing or being thwarted. The series seemed to be more like "The many blundering failures of Khan Noonian Singh" to me. I personally reccommend the section 31 novels....

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