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Wrongfully Blocked


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Report this Nov. 17 2012, 10:48 pm

Hi there, I appreciate the offer to help, but this is my original account, after 4 emails they finally got back to me, and re-activated my Sora account. I was the one who had the Captain Stanley account. It's all good now. Thank you though.


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Glad you got that straightened out, Sora.  But I wonder if TPTB will look into fixing that bug/glitch or if they will just put a band aid on it?



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I don't know. I clicked the submit button several times trying to get my computer to respond, but then they blocked me. I thought maybe it looked like I was spamming or something maybe? But it's all good now. Thanks!


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I mean pratice person even making host mistake ban not careful. that another story


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Like I have stated before

whats the point of putting up all these walls if you cant trust its members to keep this site clean, infact every site online has one or two members that are simply just crazy but that is apart of life and how you deal with the situation should be the example you give your members. 

Normally I would say it's not up to you but yes infact it is up to you, but this is not the way. It's just annoying to have to type in the capacha or whatever its called. Its also annoying being told you will be banned, you might as well put a curfew  on this website or reintroduce segregation!

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