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Star Trek Fan Ideas


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This is for the Star Trek fans like me who have ideas for Star Trek, either new books, new series, new movies, or maybe just ways that you think an old episode or movie might have been changed for the better.

First, this is for fans of Star Trek - and isn't this a Star Trek fan website? - to discuss their ideas with each other. These ideas do not have to be marketable, feasible, or likely in any way to be made into a tv series or movie. This is just for creative people to talk to each other, so if you don't like this and think it's too "fanboy" to discuss never-gonna-happen ideas, then go to another thread. Also, no idea is stupid, and I ask that things remain civil and know-it-alls and critical people stay off this thread, as well.

Also, if this kind of thing has already been done or something similar, then I apologize for not meticulously reading every single post that has ever been put on this website. If you want to be critical of that, please go elsewhere, as well.

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Those are some interesting ideas, enanlouise! I like the idea about the Sisko's and Sela, perhaps in book form. It could be interesting to see what happened to her growing up and what turned her into an operative for the Romulans, if her father was perhaps a Tal Shiar agent and raised her that way, or, what if the Romulan Scientist was her father, but somehow he got cross ways with the Romulan Senate and they executed him and took Sela and brainwashed her into the villain she became?

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Here's 2 ideas:

a show about Captain Praxton (name ??? from the voyager episode where they go back in time) and the temporal police.  How the whole temporal police got started.

Maybe a fedration ship getting sent to andromeda and then instead of heading home they start another federation.  Endless opportunites for stories new enemys new friends, new species.

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I think it was Braxton, but yeah, that has a lot of potential. And it could be diverse enough that you wouldn't always have to be in space or on a starship. You caould almost make it like Quantum Leap, in a way. Have a couple of main stars and the rest be different guest stars every week. There's room for whole story arcs, like the Temporal Cold War on Enterprise or something even more elaborate.

I started writing a book one time (that I have never finished) about Kirk's Enterprise getting caught in an anomaly and winding up across the galaxy at Andromeda. It was sort of a sequel to the episode By Any Other Name. Thought it would be interesting to have Kirk and company get to travel beyond our galaxy.

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I've been mulling over this specific framework for an upcoming Star Trek Series.  I'm not going to mention new characters or anything like this. This is on par with a concept like "ship gets thrown in Delta quadrant and will take 75 years to get back". This is high level stuff with some detail. I'm not into the technobabble, so if any of this is impossible, just tell me.

Goals of a new series: Do not encroach on the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies and no impact on that plotline. Do not bring up overused plotlines from prior Trek: the Borg and Time Travel Especially. It needs to be exciting with some battle and plotlines, but it also needs to involve exploration. There must be moral dilemmas much like TNG. The primary crew must be primarily human.

Concept Kick off mini-series

Year: 2393. This is the 6 years after the Supernova destroys Romulus in the 2009 Star Trek Movie. This assumes the same Prime Timeline with no changes at this point, essentially ignoring all of the 2009 Star Trek movie except for the events that happen in 2387. This is also 14 years after Star Trek: Nemesis for point of reference.

Major Conflict: Essentially random suns throughout the galaxy are being drained of hydrogen prematurely and becoming red giants. Most of the time, it has little impact as most solar systems aren't supporting any intelligent life, but it is causing the scientific community to worry of the last effects. By the time anyone figures out this is happening, it is already too late for the star.

Eventually it happens to an inhabited system in the Federation, but this time, readings are taken showing the presence of a ship, one of completely unknown origin. It never warps away, but it does disappear suddenly.

The Federation sends numerous ships to investigate and stars of the most inhabited solar systems are starting to be guarded. This leads to battles with this unknown enemy. Their ships have considerable speed and seemingly can disappear at will, but only do when they absolutely must before being destroyed. Their weapons seem to be roughly on par with the Federation as well as their defensive capabilities. They can just high tail it out without any problems. The battles become more and more fierce, and without any official declaration, they are clearly at war. The pace of the star tranformations increases and tensions are getting higher.

Finally they have a break. In one of the battles, the Federation through sheer luck are able to disable a ship from disappearing and they board the ship, but not before the damage is done to the sun. The crew is not on the ship, but they are able to look at their systems. Everything is extremely foreign looking, they still don't even have any idea who these beings are, but after months are able to interface with their systems. There is nothing historical on the ship, no mission.

Starfleet engineers manage to get the navigation system online and they can't believe what they see. The ship's origin is the Triangulum Galaxy and there's a route calculated back. Thinking that they can't get much more information out of the ship, a group of volunteers from many different Federation Species make the attempt to go to another Galaxy to see if they can find out more about who is attacking them and if this technology really works.

I don't want to go into the technobabble, maybe we can call this folding space instead of warping it, who knows. I realize this is kind of like space travel in Dune.

The ship shows up in the Triangulum Galaxy. The humans are okay as well as a few of the other races, but many of the multi-species Federation crew is either dead or very ill. Obviously this inter-galactic jump is very dangerous to certain kinds of anatomy. Also, 1/4 of the energy on the ship has drained. Considering that all of the hydrogen from a star was drained for their fuel source, getting to another galaxy comes at a serious energy cost. In less than 4 trips, they would have expended their entire energy supply.

So this explains it. This unknown force from outside of the galaxy has come for their most precious natural resource - their stars. They jump back home, which kills a few more of the dramatic affected but not dead crew members and explain what is happening.

Probably end of mini-series with ships continuing to come back to the Milky Way. Hopefully this is exciting enough to get picked up for an actual series, just less of a commitment.

The long arc of the story would be to eventually figure out the technology behind this folding of space, and winning the war. It could involve other forces in the Galaxy, it's not a key part of my plotline. But now the federation has the ability to travel tremendous distances, but it is at a tremendous use of natural resources and it cannot be taken lightly.


At least initially only human crews (and some other select alien) can travel to other galaxies. Once they are there, they cannot come back often and the cavalry is not there to protect them. A starbase is established out there, but that's it. Communications are sparse. It really is a new frontier and the travel back and forth is EXTREMELY limited.

This isn't like Voyager as they do come back, it is just very infrequent. There will be multiple ships out there. There is going to be some power struggles as the Starbase would likely have few admirals or someone else in charge to run things out in another galaxy. And, none of the existing plotlines would have any real impact as nearly everything from Enterprise to Voyager (timeline wise) is in the Milky Way.

And just coming back seems like a moral decision that must be weighed. Only people who are serious about exploration are out there. And considering they can potentially travel to other galaxies (not initally, planned for later), this can be expanded upon.

Main advantages in my mind: I'm suggesting a brand new crew (primarily), but keep in mind anyone from any previous series that was still alive is fair game to come back as a cameo for the fans. I wouldn't want this overused, but a shot out to the fans is there.

Very few old plotlines could be reused. Although part of it can be set in the Alpha Quadrant in the Milky Way at times.

It goes back to exploration and a primarily human crew, which is all that fans can really relate to.


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Dude, it's Star Trek. The only thing impossible is understanding why they did Spock's Brain on TOS or why they thought Wesley was necessary on TNG. lol I really dig that idea, though! It would truly be a whole new Star Trek universe. There'd be no end to the aliens you could think up, and maybe they wouldn't all look like humans with plaster foreheads. lol And by setting it after the destruction of Romulus, you'd be able to think of new technologies and redesigns of phasers and communicators and stuff, like they did on TNG (but let's avoid the phasers that look like dust busters!). And, as blasphemous as it seems, you could set it on a ship not named Enterprise.

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I like the Time police idea, I also think there should be a series and movies set after Nemesis, with stars of TNG, DS9, and Voyager, as well as a few new faces to keep it interesting. I also have an idea using the kids of Trek, like Wesley Crusher, Nog, Alexander, Naomi Wildman, to name a few, they are all ggrown up now, I'm interested to see what their characters would be like now that they are all adults. 

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I would like to see a new series set just a few months after Voyager. It would start by opening on a decimated earth. Everything destroyed. This would the cut to the earth space dock, severely damaged. It would then zoom out to show a debris field full of federation star ships. This would be repeated for the Klingons and romulans (I like the old time line). Then, in the bad land we find a rag tag collection of star ships of most alpha quadrant races. The lead ship would be U.S.S. Canon II. A Prometheus class ship with the endgame modification we see in voyager. We would learn during the series that after voyager returned the federation began out fitting the Canon II with the armour, torpedo launchers and a functioning quantum slipstream drive.  They planned to do this to the whole fleet but the borg retaliated from voyager just months later. They send every borg ship at the alpha quadrant, numbering 1000’s of cubes. The entire federation fleet is sent to intercept them but is destroyed. The Canon II is still in dry dock. When the captain hears of the loss they leave and head to the badlands, knowing that the ship is not yet ready to fight. Over the next few months the borg over run the alpha quadrant. The few ships that survive head to the badlands to form the alpha fleet and colonise a small planet. They know the borg won’t come after them as there ships are too big to go in there will out sensors (this is just the back story not the whole show).


We follow the story of the crew of the Canon II through moral hardships that they face, do they uphold the ideals of the now destroyed federation or descend into anarchy in a battle for survival. They have the most technologically advanced ship (the technology can be added to the other ships). The captain (male) suffers from depression from not going and helping despite knowing that it would have done nothing. The first officer (Female), a long-time friend of the captain has to unofficially run the ship, try and drag the captain back to reality and keep her feelings for him secret. Most of the series focuses on a divided crew (this capitalises on something voyager barely touched on) and their struggle to stay alive and live with themselves. Toward the end of it the few scientists that survived have developed a virus that will destroy the early borg. To do this they will have to send it back in time, to the planted the borg originated on. As they don’t know this, they have to capture a borg ship. They find a damaged sphere on the edge of the badlands and tractor it back to the fleet and planet. They look into the memory of the sphere and find the planet they need. But the sphere sends out a signal that lets the borg in a destroys the last of the survivors. The Canon II has to run again. This sends the captain close to insanity. He and the crew are determined to destroy the borg. They go back to the planet, which has a transwarp hub on it. By firing subspace weapons a the hub they can open a temporal anomaly and send the virus back in time. They do this but are sucked into the anomaly. They are sent much further back in time that the viruses because of their size and, because of the hub, are thrown across the galaxy. While searching for an M class planet, they review the data the got while in the temporal anomaly. It turns out that the virus they sent caused the borg to exist in the first place. The destroys the captain emotionally who lock himself in his quarters and loses his mind. They finally find a planet, not knowing how far back in time they have come, they land on it and hope for the best. The final sence in the final episode with be the chief engineer telling the first officer that they have identified the planet and time they are at. He hand her the pad and we see That it is approximately 250,000 years in the past and the planet is Iconia.


Yes it could be a bit much but it would still be awesome.




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I kind of keep most ideas pretty close to the chest for the most part because I like the write them on, but one I'm toying with at the moment is about the alternate reality where the Defiant crew doesn't meet their descendants on the planet Gaia but does crash back in time and found that new colony that we saw in the episode Children of Time. All about how they manage to set everything up, having been marooned and all.


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I like Walrus78's ST: Andromeda concept. I think that's something the Trek writers would love to play around with.

Also a good idea from thatguyyouhate, mostly because I would like to see the Alpha Quadrant in ruins. Not that I hate ST, just because a huge shake up like that has a lot of potential for some good original stories (they can always rebuild later anyway). You kind of lost me around the time they pulled a Quantum Leap complete with self-fullfilled prophecy, but I like the idea of the Alpha species huddled up and forced to work past their differences; The "Good neutral zones make good neighbors" approach is no longer an option, call it ST: The Real World :-)

An idea I have floated from time to time also runs in the aftermath of VOY. However this spin would include a United Alpha Expeditionary Force returning to the Delta Quadrant to finish off the Borg as they try to reassert themselves after the cripling defeat in Endgame.

Maybe, on some subconscious level, many of us feel like VOY lacked a proper closure, causing us to speculate about possible follow-ups. Maybe :-)


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I would love to see a series based on the dawn of the Borg and Star Fleet's involvement if any.


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I would love to see back stories and sequels of some of the episodes from the Star Trek ... like for example:

How the USS Horizon visited Sigma Iotia II and turned the Iotians into gangsters, and what happened after the Enterprise left when McCoy left his communicator on the planet.

Story about the Romulans leaving Vulcan because they did not like Surak

A lot of the Kahless stories that Worf told

stuff like that would be sweet!  pretty much like prequels and sequels to episodes


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