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Massive Hole in Future's End Story on Time Travel

Ensign Moran

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Report this Jul. 13 2012, 8:53 am

Ok, I'm going to go on a little rant here, so bear with me. Let me first

start off by saying that Star Trek Voyager's Future's End is one of my

favorite episodes. However, I have found a pretty big hole in the story if

you think about it too much.


When Captain Braxton comes back into the 20th centuary to bring Voyager back

to it's previous time in the 24th centuary, he says that in the 29th

centuary they can scan time much like star ships can scan space. If this is

true, then since the day the organization that Braxton works for (possibly

Starfleet) would be scanning time since it was founded for anomalies. Now,

that would mean that the future-Starfleet would see Voyager out of place.


Why is it that Captain Braxton was chosen to go back to fetch Voyager? Why

not him from 5 minutes later in his life, 5 years later in his life, or why

not someone completely different from say the 31st centuary? There are

literally over a billion times Captain Braxton could have come back to

get Voyager in his career (and that doesn't count all the other time-

agents in his life and all the ones after his life).


If you aren't following me, think of it this way: A clean stream is moving

downriver at a constant rate. Point B will serve as the point in time when

Voyager whas pulled into temproal anomaily. Point A will serve as the place

Voyager ends up, in the 20th centuary. If someone dumps a large amount of say

sludge in the water at point A, it will disperse and move further down the

river, or in this comparison, the timestream. From point A and on, you will

be able to see the sludge much like the timeship can scan time. At any other

time on this timeline/river, you will see the sludge and can trace it back to

point A, where Voyager is.


That means becuase there are people living on earth who can scan time for

anomalies from Point C (the 29th centuary) and on, they will all detect the



If anyone has any ideas as to how this works, please let me know. I find time

things to be something one person can think about for a long time and be

absolutly sure about, but hear another person and his idea just completly





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