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Gene Roddenberrys Andromeda


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I have been watching this for some time now on netflix and am enjoying it.It is cheesy at times but it has a decent cast ( LOVE The android/ships avatar Rommie played by Lexa Doig! ).

I was wondering what Trek fans think of it compared to Star Trek as it was created by Gene Roddenberry and developed for televison by DS9's Robert Hewitt Wolfe.


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I've never seen it but I am thinking about picking it up on DVD. It's got the dude from Hercules right? Used to like that show and of course Gene Roddenberry so It's got my interest.

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I liked Andromeda.  It's no startrek, but it's quite good.


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I have the Special Collectors Set , that came out a couple of years ago ! I consider it better than Star Trek , certainly better than JJ Abrams Movie ! There are some concepts that weren't well developed , such as Rommie . Also John de Lancie (Q) has a good role in it as well ! Andromeda has a Star Trek feel about it , but is more adventurous , and there are some great characters to follow ! 


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A great show, Sorbo and Doig were among my favorites, great cast all around, and that ship is just as cool as Enterprise or Voyager, even has some systems the Federation doesn't.

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andromeda was ok, standard sci-fi really. i'd watch it, but not go out of my way to find it.


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I watched it, but really didn't get into it...  I wonder what it would have been like if Roddenberry would have produced it.


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I only saw the first two seasons. I liked it and if i find the next seasons i will buy them. But it's no star Trek. Enjoyable but not memorable.

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