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I would like to start a role-playing group.


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I have role played in a few different fandoms, however, Star Trek has not been one of them. I am a fairly decent writer, and it is something I wish to explore. I am seeking other role-players to perhaps band together to create a role play on a free forum, tumblr, or perhaps through Skype (forum or tumblr preferred due to ability to archive, plus organization).

I was thinking it could take place on a Cruiser, around the time of Insurrection/Nemesis, perhaps a sovereign class. I was thinking a few of us could write storylines, and post plot development through a neutral account, as for NPC's and what not. I would like the mission to be exploration or science based, Combat becomes rather stale if that is all you are doing.

If anybody is interested, I would love to hear from you!

Obviously, the first step is a bridge crew. Captain, First Officer, Tactical Officer, Science Officer, Helmsmen, Chief Engineer, all are good places to start. Of course, we could start with maybe 3 or 4 people, and grow as people would like to be involved.

I have a female character already, I would like to play the role of First Officer, but would also be willing to play the role of captain or tactical officer.

That should be it! Leave a reply if interested.



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Check out the TNG RPG here, it's the most active one on this site.

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