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I'm not going to lie guys...


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Soft voice? For a woman, Janeway's voice was deep and gravely, so I can't really see it as being soft. I do notice a little bit of inconsistancy among Star Trek boards, though, when it comes to what different Starfleet captains do on the different shows. By and large they all followed the same code of conduct. Diplomacy, followed by forcefullness and action if needed. The only thing that ever really changed was the manner and temperment with which each scenario was enacted, but all the main Captains of each show pretty much handled each situations the same. It was the curcumstances that changed the outcomes. (With the notable of exception of Archer, who had the luckest, and highest survival rate of any crew I've seen. But a lot of what he did was to set the precident of what would come later through trial and error.) Even watching the old series, there times Kirk gave aliens chance after chance before he took forcable action, even offering to leave peacfully on multiple occasions.


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I love Janway!!! Freaking Amazing!! Even narcissistic Q liked her!  


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Sometimes I do have the same feeling. She is stubborn, refuses to compromise and gives seven a hard time when she disagrees with her.

But I guess that's what it takes to be a captain. Without her, seven would never be able to become a member of the ship.


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I loved that character, and the actress also was chosen for her deep authorative voice among other reasons. She to me never had anything like a soft voice, and a woman with a high pitched voice does not command authority as much as a woman with a voice like hers. My only issue with the starfleet thing is the desire to treat all species no matter how terrible and dangerous with respect and dignity. But that was all captains not just her.Seven of nine had the right idea when she wanted to destroy the alien that once hurt her people and beamed both the species and the Hirogen away to die. Then Janeway punished her. I agree with Seven of Nine more of the time when it comes to diplomacy. However that was just the idea of how Starfleet rules worked. It was not just Janeway alone. Her character was a great woman in a position of power in a world where the sexes are totally equal,and all expected to risk their lives equally. I admired her and Seven. It was always okay to me that Seven wore revealing attire, even though it was clearly for sexuality on the show, becasue her character was oblivious to it all,and that made it okay for me as a woman.


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I woudn't describe her voice as "soft"...Kate Mulgrew has quite a demanding voice. Also, I like the fact that she is diplomatic, that's what Starfleet is about after all, right? And she can cowboy up when needed lol

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Janeway kicks ass.  She was diplomatic and did what she thought was best for her crew.  Maybe she did mother them a little too much sometimes but that was part of her charm.  She had all the qualities of a good Starfleet captain.

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I strongly recommend to watch it again. What would you do? She has no backup, they are alone and trying to survive and she is the most discerning Captain, she is very well aware of the things she have, for example, in episode Riddles. When I first started to watch Voyager, i too, found her annoying, so I understand, but now I think she is amazing, smart, brave, caring. Remember Coda? When she found out that she has phage, her first question, was not about her or treatment but about Chekotay. Would you be so humain?


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Yeah sometimes the writers did slack off a bit but you can tell Mulgrew tried her damnest to make Captain Janeway a memorable captain.  I think once the hairsyle shifted later in the seasons to something...better...Mulgrew's character also shifted into a more comfortable and admirable role.  She's my favorite captain.  Even though I could hardly stand her hair the first couple of seasons.

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