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I'm not going to lie guys...


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She is super annoying! I recently got into star trek because they are all on netflix, and I've watched TOS, TNG, DS9 all 10 movies and now im on voyager season 6.  Janeway is the most annoying person ever. Explanation is because of her soft voice and diplomatic attitude toward every alien life form.  Some aliens they encounter are like klingons, you cannot sit there and use a kitten voice and preach morals and expect them to cooperate so easily.  Which is how it often is whenever they do encounter someone.  I do not know what it is, her small voice when talking diplomatically or how she treats some of the crew besides the bridge officers, like crap.  anyone else feel this way? haha  



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Nah I always thought Janeway was kindof a baddass

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Very constructive first post....


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Well, at least you're honest about not liking her! I think she is awesome  She's smart, brave, moral, funny, and an inspiration.  I don't think she always got a fair shot from the writers, and I think her character was suffocated by the "first woman captain" mantle, but I totally love her and think Kate Mulgrew did a terrific job in playing her.

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Who Would You Rather Have? Capt.Harriman(ST-Generations)??

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She wasn't that bad.

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Well I'm glad you are honest, although she IMO is amazing. I love her style, and she does get tough when she needs to. Just look at the Omega directive! 

Anyway, she is far and away my favorite captain.

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Oh gosh. I dunno how anyone can dislike/hate Janeway! She's so diplomatic and very compassionate towards her crew! There are some small bothersome things, like how she's so selfless all the time, so quick to sacrifice herself for the safety and well-being of others, but I thought that would be a Good quality. I dunno. Maybe she treated the holodoc like crap, but in the end, she had come to think of him as a friend. I might be biased since I came to the star trek realm BECAUSE of Kate Mulgrew, but I think Janeway is pretty incredible...


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Don't get me wrong guys, Kate Mulgrew did a fantastic job as first woman capt.  I guess it is mostly the writers fault.  And I found in the seventh season she got to the dirty work (last 2 episodes were my favorite where she goes back as admiral).  I just wished she would act more like a normal person would in situations.  Chekotay usually had that down.  Harry Kim, the doc, and seven were my fav.  Tuvok was runner up haha


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well think of it this way

the story is how the crew co-opoerate  under her command wich for you could be challengeing every single show has something special you know a twist.

want a hug

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she rocks.


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Quote: Cpt. Sameway @ Jul. 13 2012, 10:16 pm

>I like her.

>There are some small bothersome things, like how she's so selfless all the time, so quick to sacrifice herself for the safety and well-being of others, but I thought that would be a Good quality.

I was a bit bothered about her often being like the mother of her crew, which I found stressed the difference between a man and a woman as a captain.

About self-sacrifice generally I always figured it just was a captain's thing, because Kirk, Picard and Sisko displayed self-sacrifice too. With them it seemed just a 'normal' hero-quality to me. It's the mother-of-the-crew thingy about Janeway's self-sacrifice that bothers me slightly.

For her character itsself I feel it is an amiable quality, it's just that her being the first female captain portrayed in a ST-series makes it such a gender-cliché.


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in season 1, i hate her to hell and back, but after about halfway through season 2, she starts 2 get better, and she's actually alright

what im trying 2 say is . . .

sometimes i like her, sometimes i dont

big deal

ignore me, im ranting

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says in a quiet authoritive voice janeway rocks sisco was always wrapped up in himself kirk would probably get you killed through it would be fun janeway and picard true star fleet forgive me its 2am here and i am tired...

definatly feeling aggresive tendancies captain


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Janeway was amazing!

I love how she's always so calm even in an emergency... She's got a soft heart though, and cares so much for her crew. She's definitely my favourite. I mean, being diplomatic and willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good - aren't these all aspects of being a starfleet captain?? I'd say these qualities make her a brilliant person and an expert at her job.

Though - sorry all, but I have to say it - the best Janeway moments are when she gets a big gun!

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