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My character:

Rank: Captain
Name: Johnson, Bill
Height: 6'4
Weight 150 lbs.
Situation: We have somehow been caught in a time warp. Every well-known Captain, and their crews are here. We are aboard the Enterprise J, Flagship of the Federation, 25th Century. Lore has rebulit, and reactivated himself, and all other villians. We have to stop them. When moving use---
When speaking out of game()

Bill: Greetings. I am the  Enterprise Captain Bill Johnson.
Kirk: Where....... are we?
Picard: Same question.
Janeway: Ex-actly.
Sisko: Ditto.
Archer: Well?

Bill: Time warp.


Worf, and Uhura (In unison): Captain, we're being hailed.

All Captains (In unison): On screen.

Bill: We've got to stop doing that.

(Lore appears standing next to every enemy ever faced.)

Lore: Hello, goodbye. (Clicks off.)

Data, Laal, B4, Data B. Soong (In unison.): LORE! 

Trek 2.0

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Someone please continue this.

Trek 2.0

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some one please continue.

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(Hey Trek 2.0, let you know when our episode is over so you can join in, maybe I'll make up a character for here too if I get time)

Never drink with your enemies! Well, maybe just one round...


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(Good news Trek 2.0 our episode in Star Trek TNG RPG is over!! You can join in now.)

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hey my account was blocked Im Trek 2.0.

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