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A question for us Trekkies


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I have been a nerd most of my life and Trek has certainly been a part of it.  I cannot speak for others, but I have never jet skiied or kayaked.  The other issues were experienced when I was a youth and then later as a parent with my children.  As my children have grown up, I do not engage in water sport/activities.  I am not opposed to these activities but they are not - at this stage of my life - part of my life.  When I did partakle of them, they were a seasonal interest in summer fun and not a passion.  While the emphasis is on water related activities, I will state that the question seeks to identify someone who spends a lot of time outdoors vs. someone who does not.  I have always described myself as the Great Indoorsperson.  Does being a Trekkie equate with being an indoorsperson?  In my case, very much so.  But my brother-in-law, also a Trekkie, loves toi be outdoors and camp and fish and hunt and the complete opposite of me.  So, some of us may be "stereotypical" nerds watching and quoting Trek and poring over our computers while others take the portable DVD player camping and watch a favorite Trek episode while pitching the tent or swimming in the creek.  I suspect there are even those camping Trekkies who would leave the DVD player at home but I don't know them.

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being a trekkie is part of who i am, not all of what i do. i consider myself to be an all around nerd/geek/freak, i love things that make me think and will read/watch anything i consider to be well made. my hobbies are vast and diverse, i'm well read, well watched and the most normal person i know (based on the definition of normal as being what you're used to).


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I Thought I replied??? Well this is pretty detailed:

I have an 88Mustang GT that (when time & $$ permits) I modify and have drag raced.  Once it's back on the road (spring 2013) I will just ride it around for fun maybe the town parade.

Video games (resident evil series love it, Assassins creed 2, Forza motorsport, and more)

My kids I spend most of my time with them, 3 times a week I take my son (11) to his tae kwon do class, I am teaching my daughter how to swim & ride her bike (6), we got to six flags Great adventure a lot.

and unfortunately work takes upo a lot of time.

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I have jet-skiied before, and I think I've done all those things at least once.  They were fun.  I am, however, a nerd, and I prefer indoor activities like reading, playing violin and piano, writing essays about every random topic I find interesting, and playing video games.  I am a student, so most of my time is spent studying chemistry and working out differential equations, but in my free time I make jewelry, paint, weld, and knit.  I think I have a wide range of interests, and Trek is simply added on to them.

I think one thing that appeals to me about Star Trek is that so many of the characters have similar interests to mine.  Scotty would rather read his technical journals than go on shore leave, Spock would rather work in his labs.  Data plays violin.  Picard is addicted to tea.  More than that, though, these characters have a logical, scientific mindset, much like my own.  For example, to me, Vulcans are very refreshing, because I find most humans illogical and puzzling.  I have not adopted their philosophy - their philosophy simply matches my own.

In general, Trek is a universe that you can step into that offers more possibilities than real life.  I often find the world frustrating, but Trek gives a very optimistic idea of the future.  Peace, exploration, achievement... it's fun to think about.  When I watch the show, I like thinking about the science behind the inventions, and I like to think about the concepts behind their discoveries. 

To speak directly to your question, I think most Trekkies are just normal people, with a wide variety of interests.  Trek is simply a universe that is so well developed, it is fun to think about and gets added to our free time.  For me, it's not so much that I like losing myself in a fantasy universe.  Rather, the ideas and the mindset of the characters simply appeal to me.  They think like I do, and they live in the world that I am working towards. 


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By the way trek2.0, what does your 'friend' do in HER spare time? I'm sure we's all like to know... :-)

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kayaking is fun.  personally, i'm partial to long distance hiking for my outdoor activity though.

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Well she is a very good person, and she can be illogical to me at times. She, found it very funny when at a camp game, another friend of mine popped a water balloon over her own head because her game card was written out to do so. I however believe depending on how you do that you could gget water in your eyes. She does things like this during the summer. I presume she has things she does specifically during the winter.

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