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Board Broken: Admin can you tell us what is going on?


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OMG Apache? is that what we're running on? That's almost as old as me...

Anything I can think of to put here would most likely get me banned


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the board links on the navigation system on the board don't work in firefox still

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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>If these drama queens detest the place so much and aren't happy here, no one is forcing them to stay here.


We once had a thriving community here and we don't want to give up on it so easily. Star Trek fans should be able to expect a board that at least functions properly.

Just out of curiosity. Is it your goal to be the only one here? I've never seen a member so determined to get rid of other members.


I like everybody, even the people I don't like. They make things interesting. ;) Trying to get into the Nexus? Use this link:


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Interesting response, Chud. Could it be guilt? I didn't mention anybody being banned, nor did I even infer you had anything to do with anyone's banning.

My comment was simply a direct response to your telling people "no one is forcing you to stay." People that sincerely want this board to succeed would be encouraging members to stay, not infering that they should leave.

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