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(Fan Fiction) Star Trek: The New Advenutres

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Fan Fiction) Star Trek: The New Adventures

 Chapter 1- Enterprise J

 It's the 25th Century. Bill Johnson is the Captain of the USS Enterprise J. His First Officer is half Vulcan half Human, Spock the 3rd, grandson of Spock. Counselor Janea Deanna Riker is half human, half Betazoid. His science officer, Data B. Soong, Data's grandson. Navigator, Jack Benson Crusher, son of Wesley Crusher, Beverly's grandson. At the helm Jinaru Hikaru Sulu. Doctor, Leonard John McCoy, grandson of Leonard H. McCoy. This is the crew of the Enterprise, onward to their next mission.

Chapter 2- A Time Warp Of The Ages


 "Captain an energy reading has come to my attention," Lieutenant Commander Soong said. "Report," ordered the Captain.
"The most that I can tell is it is an enrgy form of an unidentified class," he reported.
"Continue on," the Captain said.
They flew on.
There stood the six Captains before him. Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer stood with their crews questioning their arrival.
"Fascianting," said Spock the first.
"It appears that this is a very largefamily reunion," said Data the first. 



Chapter 3- Something Old Is Now Something New


 "Captain, we're being hailed," Uhura was at her old post. 

"On screen," said Captain Johnson.

A strange figure stood there.

"Greetings, everyone."

"Who, or what are you?"

"Every enemy, you've ever faced, all in one."
"But, most of our enemies have been destroyed."

"Well," a new voice appeared. "I thought you could use a test."

The voice stepped from the shadows. It was an alternate universe creature, similiar to looking like Q, but it turned out to be Lore in a shapeshifters suit. he had become a mad scientist. 

Chapter 4- Taking Down the Creature

 The ship was docked, the creature located. The next objective, destroying it. Evrtyone at once used phasers. The creature somehow flashed, and descinigrated. It was a cybertronic hologram, used by Lore to distract the crew, while he escaped, but was chased to the other end of the planet.

Chapter 5- Surrounded.

 The crews stood surrounding Lore with no avail for him to escape. At once all phasers managed to destroy his circuits. He was disassembled.

Chapter 6- Remaining Time Warped With A Visit. 

 A flash brings a phone booth to view. 

"Who are you?"

"I'm The Doctor. Why yall' so serious?"

"I'm Captain Bill Johnson, and because we're stuck in a time warp."

"Well I travel time, and space."

"Welcome, we do the same." 

"But I have to go. There's a few things of the past I have to deal with. Goodbye."


"Warp Speed."

"To where sir?"

"Second star to the right, and straight on till' morning."



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