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Keshe technology future Star Trek technology or not


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Report this Jul. 02 2012, 8:43 am

Have you heard of this energy researcher called mehran keshe who is a nuclear engineer who has developed a plasma reactor which can provide antigravity lift. He claims he has a prototype that has achieved lift. Website is , , . Patent is . this is a presentation by keshe at Eindhoven. Website is . He claims his craft will be seen as lights in the sky. What do you think of his work? He claims it is a kind of plasma fusion. He is planning to set up an online space institute here . Registration is free. He will be teaching about his technology and providing four free PDF e books based on his patents. What do you think of his work? On September 21st he will release all info on his technology to the worlds scientific community here He has been promising to demonstrate since 2009 but has been postponing claiming the governments are suppressing him. He makes many incredible claims I dont know what to think of him. Do you think he is telling the truth of suppression. Many free energy and antigravity scientists make the same claim. Do you think they are telling the truth or fibbing. Other examples of people making similar claims are John Searl. Website is . He also claimed to have built flying saucers in the 60s before being suppressed. Are these guys real or are they fibbing.

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