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Kir'Shara...a prequel


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Hello all.

After watching Kir'Shara, I am wondering about some things:

At the final scene with the "You failed..." item.  If I'm not mistaken, the final shot is on a Romulan and there are words spoken about reunification which is hoped for in the future.  Is this entire scene the tie-in to the reunification which the TNG two-parter "Reinification' is about?  And, what role does the Romulan at the final scene play in all this?

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The term prequel in that context might be something of an overstatement, but I believe that idea was likely derived from the the TNG episode.  I don't think they really established in detail what the mission was.  It could have been just to weaken a potential rival (Vulcan), a potential alliance (Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar which was formed due to the effort to prevent it), or to get the Vulcan leaders to turn away from logic to return to the old ways & reiunify that way.


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To me it seems that there might also be a connection to "Gambit", where Picard and the Vulcan operative are discussing where to deliver the pieces of the psionic somethingorother, and she (the operative) says that the peices should be dropped off at the T'Kara sanctuary, which was used centuries ago during the last Vulcan Civil war. Could that be referring to the Syrranites' cave complex?

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Yes, it is a reference to the TNG "Unification" episodes. I read it on Memory Alpha. I don't think the Romulan, in particular, has a specific role, but to show the beginning attempts between the Vulcans and Romulans.

Just a side note ... if you notice, the Romulans are not yet SEEN by Archer's crew. But only being heard of. Because to keep with TOS, Kirk and his crew SEE a Romulan for the first time.

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