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USS Portland - Old Dog, New Tricks


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The USS Portland, currently docked at Rigel II Stardock while it on-loads and off-loads supplies, is in need of a few key crew members to see it through it's unique mission: The testing of a prototype Transwarp Drive system for the Starfleet Engineering Corps. The mission will take them into uncharted territory, both in the realms of science and in the treacherous Romulan Neutral Zone, facing not only the enemies of the Federation, but also it's so-called allies...

This is a Nova-based sim and a proud member of Obsidian Fleet's Task Force 72-A; The Grey Wolves. A full list of open positions is as follows, with the most desired positions highlighted in bold. Since there is no fighter wing attached to the Portland and only two fighter interceptors aboard, the role of the Chief Support Craft Operator involves the care of both shuttles and fighter craft:

Second Officer

Chief of the Boat

Chief Flight Control Officer

Chief Support Craft Operator

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Science Officer

Chief Intelligence Officer

Chief Diplomatic Officer

Marine Commanding Officer

All Assistant chiefs of Staff

All Enlisted Personnel



If any of these strike your fancy, or you simply want to go and investigate further, please head on over to our website and have a look around. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Commander Hitoshi Kaneda, Commanding Officer

USS Portland, NCC-40424

Task Force 72-A; The Grey Wolves

Obsidian Fleet


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The USS Portland has found itself a Chief Flight Control Officer! We're still looking for people to fill plenty more positions, though, so come and have a look if you think this might just be the sim for you!


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We have gained a new Chief Engineering Officer, but unfortunately we have lost our Chief Medical Officer and my Executive Officer had to step down for family reasons. As such we are now looking for a new Chief Medical Officer and a new Executive Officer. Anyone interested in either position, feel free to head on over to the Portland's website at, or drop me an email for more information at

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