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Was the Borg overused in Voyager


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I have seen two of the Voyager Borg episodes...Scorpion part 1 and Scorpion part 2... it was pretty good. But looking at the list of Borg Voyager episodes they look quite overused, but what do you think. .


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The Borg and the Kazon seemed overused, to me.  But, you couldn't fall back on favorite species from the Alpha or Beta Quadrants--unless one of them had somehow gotten stranded in the Delta Quadrant, too.

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yes they were over used but that didnt make it that bad. i dont think


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I didn't find them overused, I think they gave Voyager its own special 'nemesis' and made the story more than just 'alien obstacle of the week'.

You might also ask if the Dominion was overused in DS9.

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In fact they didn't make enough, which is good, because, other wise much of the crew of Voyager would have become Borg, as I see it.


What is it with the Borg? Why can't they have a lot, and I mean A LOT of smaller drone ships, just floating/invading all corners of, in this case Delta quadrant, or not so visibally Borg?! Why do they "stick" with their own "species"? Yeah, they can't communicate too far of distances, but, why do they gather or be so close to one another?!



Is it because they are actually slow builders? The Borg weren't used enough, you see for us to really "assimalate" (see what I did there?) their presense/"culture". Same could be said about Romulan and even Klingon in the original series even!

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The Borg may have been overused but with the fact that the Borg Queen wanted Seven back as part of the Collective AND Voyager was in Borg territory, it made sense.

I liked the Borg episodes. Though I wasn't crazy about the Kazon, I understood them being used a lot as well.

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No, they were underused. Since the Borg control vast regions of the quadrant, it only seemed appropriate to me that they would pop up when Voyager least expected them. I think it would have been fun to see the Borg be a little more aggressive in trying to assimilate Voyager tho. Plus, then we could have watched the crew develop new ways to beat them like Adm. Janeway's future tech. Endgame might have been more satisfying if the Borg had been more of a threat.


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I don't think they were overused, they are one of the best Trek villans ever, and you gotta love the Borg Queen, and of course, without the Borg, we'd have no Seven of Nine. 


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I guess it comes down to personal preference. I thought too much was made of Seven and the Borg, at the expense of other characters and storylines. By the end, Seven and the Borg dominated the show so much that almost nothing was untouched by them, from J/C to Voyager getting home. For me that was a let down. Even though Seven is a great character, and she added a lot to the series, it was not The Seven of Nine show. There were other arcs, other relationships (like J/C), that some of us had followed from the beginning, and these should have been developed in their own right. For the finale, I'd have appreciated a different storyline to the Borg - something along the lines of Caretaker which is an amazing episode.

Also, by featuring the Borg so much I think they became less menacing. We knew Janeway was either going to beat them, or Voyager was going to successfully flee - all the time - and that constant success made them less scary to me.


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I dont think that the Borg were overused in the show, I like the fact that they were used that much, we didnt know much about them, we only knew bits and pieces. I think the fact that Voyager faced them and at one point formed an alliance with them showed that they are not the unstoppable and deadly force that we thought that they were.

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I don't feel so. They are a huge part of Star Trek, and becuase they were in the Delta Quadrent I almost feel like they were not used enough. However if you think that wya, you might also think the Klingons were overused in TOS and the Dominion was over used in DS9. 

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Well, the Kazon were like the Delta Quadrant/poor man's Klingons, imo. Not terribly dangerous but menacing, nonetheless. The borg, on the other hand, were okay with me. I liked how, in time, Janeway came to understand them, made them less of the "boogymen" they were thought to be. Some of the other species enemies were cool. Species 8472, the Hirogen, etc. I also liked the Macrocosm. Without some of the old familiar foes, though, it would have been kinda too foreign.


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Good point about the Kazon, never found them that interesting. The Ocampa where interesting enough in the beginning, but after Kes' going etheric there wasn't much left to tell. The Talaxians were interesting and might have made a few more episodes, but not as a long-term issue. I'm glad they didn't make more Hirogen episodes because after we learned about their culture the only interesting thing was the holorevolt, which was interesting enough for a douple-ep, but not a huge story-arc...

I think they did a pretty good job with the Borg and Seven of Nine. But I agree that they negleted the other characters and Chakotay/Seven really made the impression of being a last-minute-improvisation on the script. Would have been better to pair her off with the EMH or (growing more confident) Harry or some guy from engineering (with the exception of Vorik ).


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randy kerr

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no way the borg storys are great it,s the kazons that where under used.

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