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Cassini Probe Discovers SubSurface Lake of Water Under Titan's Surface


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NASA'S Cassini Finds Probable Subsurface Ocean on Saturn Moon


WASHINGTON -- Data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft have revealed Saturn's moon Titan likely harbors a layer of liquid water under its ice shell.

Researchers saw a large amount of squeezing and stretching as the moon orbited Saturn. They deduced that if Titan were composed entirely of stiff rock, the gravitational attraction of Saturn would cause bulges, or solid "tides," on the moon only 3 feet (1 meter) in height. Spacecraft data show Saturn creates solid tides approximately 30 feet (10 meters) in height, which suggests Titan is not made entirely of solid rocky material. The finding appears in today's edition of the journal Science.

Water on Titan

Now that water has been discovered on Titan, I wonder what type of lifeforms will be found.

The water will also be able to be used by colonization efforts instead of spending money on taking water into the Sol System, Titan will be the Watering Station for missions that will be based from Mars that are sent to mine the asteroid belts between Jupiter and Mars with Titan most likely being a future site for a manufacturing complex that will refine ore from the asteroid belt which will then be used to build further colonies as well as supplying Mars with a water supply that would be augmented by Earth.

The Great Reach into the Sol System is not impossible. It is possible.

Alexander the Great Once asked his father Philip of Macedonia why Zeus has mixed the ashes of the Titans and humans together.

Today we have the answer to that question. Because as the Titan's pound the surface of Titan from the murky depths below the surface humanity is challenged to take up the quest of exploring which seperates men from their shame.

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Update Link of Cassini Probe

Cassini Probe Update

The article goes into detail about the layers of Titan.

The upper most layer contains organic material with the water being present under the surface of Titan.

What would be interesting to see is if hole to water could be drilled that when the organic material and the water combine what type of evolutionary change would take place.

A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.


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Updated Link

Organic material has been discovered in the atmosphere of Titan. Hopefully when water begins to spill onto the surface of Titan new life will emerge.



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It's strange:  I just read Stephen Baxter's story about exploring the ocean on Titan Sunday!

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What an interesting solar system we live in. Nice to be alive at a time when we are finding out so much about it.

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