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Rank all the series in order of best to worst


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I have not watched all of the series but here's my rank for the ones I like so far:

1. TNG


3. TOS


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I know that this is weird but my preferences actually coincide with the airing of the shows. 

Here goes....

TOS/TAS- groundbreaking for the time and reinvented what science fiction could be on television. and it had the Shatner.

TNG- reinvented Star Trek. had all around best cast. Set the standard by which all future star trek would be judged. 

DS9- after a blah first few seasons it managed to change the formula by serializing its storylines and finding its own tone. storylines were strong enough to overcome the sometimes hokey character writing and questionable acting.

VOY- The premise for this show is the most engaging one of all the series, yet the show did not explore the full potential that the premise offered(at least to my satisfaction) but rather hit a hard reset button every week. The show tended to focus too much on a few castmembers while not developing others. However, the cast( minus the Jar Jar character) was strong enough to carry the shows shortcomings and deliver a good program after a shaky first season. 

ENT- The show was good. I really liked the cast. I really liked the look of the ship and the series as a whole. yet until the third, and more noteably the excellent fourth season(minus the finale), the series suffered from the problem of franchise fatigue by adhering to a formula that had become tired at this point. The unimaginative first few seasons were enough to nix the chances of a successful run and eventually banish star trek to reruns and dvd cabinets. 

I enjoy them all though


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I think I did this before. Gonna have to dig up my old post to see what I had/may changed


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1.TNG-excellent stories and expansion of star trek

2.TOS-excellent stoies and interesting/funny spock-bone relationship

3.VOY-excellent idea to put them in the delta quadrant, feel they could have pulled it of better

4.ENT-Good stories but not as good as the others

I have never seen DS9 so i can't judge it

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