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Rank all the series in order of best to worst


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Mine would be:

The Next Generation, Deep  Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise, The Original Series, The Animation Series

TNG has the best characters and the best format and stories.  DS9 is a close second, but at times gets boring because of taking place on a stationary space station, even though they do leave the station here and there.  VOY and ENT can be flip-flopped.  VOY is kind of boring in the early seasons, but gets good once 7 of 9 comes aboard.  I havent seen all of ENT, but what I saw wasn't as bad as the reputation it has, after watching all of it I might switch it with VOY.  TOS is good, but can be boring and not as exciting as the others.  Never seen TAS, but not a fan of cartoons so thats why its last on the list.



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I for one find DS9 awesome as well as ST09 followed by TOS (of course), then TAS, TNG, ENT & finaly VOY.


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ENT, TNG, VOY and tied TOS and DS9

I haven't seen all of TAS yet but I will post that as last

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Deep Space Nine


Next Generation


Original Series

Animated Series

Data's Girl

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tai nasha no karosha :)


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This is difficult.

First: TNG. The best characters and plots.

Second: Enterprise. Loved the continuity of Season 4, pretty much made the first three seasons forgiveable. You know what I mean if you've seen TNG seasons 1 and 2.

Third: TOS/TAS. Good, but not great. It always struck me how the other series, with less time per episode, could always get more details in an episode, but if you can forgive that, TOS is highly entertaining.

DS9/Voyager: Haven't seen too much of either of these, but so far DS9 is a lot better than Voyager.

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I will split it up into "Tiers". I will also rate solely on entertainment value for myself.

1. TOS and ENT:

TOS is different from the other series in so far, that it doesn't take itself serious, which is refreshing and fun to watch. Although it is already very clichéd and obviously hasn't the best special effects, as well as a bit too much sexism for my taste, it's a classic and especially the German dub (which adds a whole lot more "unseriousness" to the series) make it the most enjoyable series.

ENT's first and second season are complete rip-offs and recycled storylines from other Star Trek Series, only now with more action, better special effects and a bit more funny, because the crew has yet to figure out most things and behaves more like the TOS crew. The third season has basically not much to do with Star Trek, but it's the most action-filled so far and has a nice coherent plot with creative enemies and storylines and much drama. The fourth season is where the series gets original though and keeps/starts moving forward. Not only serves it coherence with the other series, it is also a very fun ride and generally improves all the characters.

2. TNG and DS9

TNG is definitely the most "Star Trek-y" show of them all and has probably the most diverse main cast. The message of Trek is delivered in every bit of the show, as can be seen by the fact that everyone is nice to each other and every problem can be solved through working together and/or being creative and open-minded. The reason why this isn't my favorite series, is basically that it is too serious and not action- and humorfilled. In every other category it is, in my opinion, far superior. However, for this post, I will rate it on entertainment value.

DS9 is probably the most serious series (nice combination of words btw) of them all with the most coherent overall storyline and the largest and best supportive secondary cast. It collects the most points for its originality, its drama and because the characters are deep and well crafted. It's only too dark at times and you have to really look into it and interpret certain stuff to find the Trek spirit, but sometimes it has just another message (In the pale Moonlight, or the episode where Sisko poisons a planet full of people). It certainly has a higher entertainment value than TNG action-wise, but it lacks the overall vision and originality.

3. Voyager

It's basically a much more action-filled TNG without the profoundness, but better humour than TNG and DS9 (although not as much as TOS). My main problem is how much potential was wasted in favor of easy-written bottle/action shows. The same problem kind of goes for ENT's first two seasons, but there it had at least some originality concerning the crew, timeline, background etc. Nonetheless I consider it still entertaining, it's just that it lacks certain elements that cause a higher ranking of the other series.

I also never watched a full episode of TAS. I will probably force myself to watch it sometime in the future.


So, based on entertainment value:

1. TOS/ENT, 2. DS9/TNG, 3. VOY

Based on spirit/profoundness/well-crafted/giving reason to think about it:

1. TNG, 2. TOS/DS9, 3. VOY/ENT

Based on humor:

1. TOS, 2. VOY, 3. ENT, 4. DS9/TNG

Based on pure action (also considering special effects):

1. ENT/VOY, 2. DS9, 3. TNG/TOS


Sorry for only giving insight into my personal entertainment value explanations. It is my very own opinion. But that's how I understood the question. Also what's up with the captcha's? I can barely read these damn things and have to refresh for all eternity!

I'm a huge Star Trek fan from Germany! I'm currently working on my own series, so stay tuned. (I will update this signature eventually)


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Haven't seen much of TOS or TAS yet, so I can't comment on them.

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Worst: N/A


You might be able to COMPARE to past and other shows in the franchise, and even without this reasoning, TOS would still be my top ranked Star Trek.

If maybe the visual appeal was different in TNG I might bring it up higher. For instance if it wasn't so, how shall I put this, thick and blurry. If TNG crew wore something like Enterprise outfits, and had the same bright crisptness, I would have loved it even more. I didn't get to see it when it was airing, not really until mid 2000's, so that is my reasoning, also.


By Enterprise ship, I'd put them in this general order:


I have not watched a full episode of TAS either, see CaptainLee39's wonderful post, the post starter and practically everyone else?!

In fact I might even bring that up past all the others to number 1, or a special rank all its own! 



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1. DS9

2. TNG

3. VRG

4. TOS

5. ENT

This seems about right but I really love all the shows. I left out TAS because I have never watched it. 

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1. TOS

2. TNG

3. TAS

4. DS9

5. VOY

6. ENT

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'cause Stone Cold said so 

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1)DS9,2)TOS,3)TNG,4)TAS,5)Voyager,6) Enterprise.


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1.) TNG: It was my introduction to trek and it will always be my favorite. I was so loyal to it that when I saw Worf on the previews for going over to DS9 I would yell "Traitor!" (I know I know fighting words.) Fav Characters: Picard, Wesley (Gasp! right?), and Q.

2.) DS9: Surprised? No one more than me. I remember I was bored one day and it was on so I tuned in. What hooked me was this female character telling Cmdr. Sisko that she had been a mother x number of times and a father y number of times...I was like "Huh?" I went to school and asked a friend what was her story....he tried to explain it as best he could and wasn't getting very far. Then it hit me: Oh she's a Trill! They traded MckyD's brows for spots. And that was it Jadzia Dax became my all time favorite Star Trek character. Fav Char: Jadzia Dax (duh), Sisko, and Jake.

3.)TOS: Only reason this is number 3 is because I came to know this crew through books vs. the series, all thanks to Peter David. Fav Char: Spock, & Bones. (At the risk of been jettisoned out into space) the Chris Pine Kirk and Bones.

4.) VOY: Didn't care for Janeway as a captain much...Really didn't like the 7of9 addition...until I saw the episode that the Doc's prgram had to be downloaded into 7of9. Let me just say Jeri Ryan nailed it! She was the Doc...Fav Char: 7of9, Harry Kim, and Tom Paris.

5.) ENT: I will tell you there were 3 good things about this show:

       1.) Porthos: I loved the fact that they had a dog on board!

       2.) Sam I mean Scott Bakula...forget it I watched because of Sam!

       3.) Trip Tucker: He was my favorite charcter....and then they killed him off...Not cool. I think his death was just as pointless as Tasha's on TNG (Ok maybe not 'just' as pointless).


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1. TOS: A classic, iconic American television series so impactful on pop culture and entertainment in general that it is known in nearly every country around the globe and spawned an animated sequel, 4 spin-off series, 11 major motion pictures (6 that were direct sequels and 1 that was a re-imagining/re-boot). People on the street could name more than 3 characters from this show...doubful any other Trek series is that recognized or universally entertaining.

2. DS9: The best characters with a broad ensemble approach, Trek's first (and best) attempt at complex story arcs, and a "dare to be different" format make DS9 a close second in quality and pure entertainment to the original.

3. TNG: A mixed bag of both excellent and forgettable characters. An equally mixed bag of excellent, thoughtful science fiction and forgettable drivel. TNG was entertaining and fun to follow, but suffers from over-playing the "Roddenberry's utopian vision" card and having passionless, cardboard character relationships. Major points for setitng out to be different and uniqe from the classic TOS, though.

4. ENT: A series that promised so much and delivered so little. Archer and Tripp are interesting and well-written. I'm not even sure I can remember the other characters or actors' names. Like Voyager, this show had the potential to be different and take the franchise in a different direction (like DS9 had successfully done), but fell back into a safe, repetitive harbor of TNG-style stories and characters.

5. VOY: Not a horrible show, but not a good one either. I tried to watch this show on Netflix streeming becuase I had missed a lot of it when it first aired. I could not stay committed to it. It was just not interesting enough. Too much of the same each week. Too much reliance on corny characters / relationships, spatial anomolies, and time / reality warps. Very VERY derivitive of TNG in terms of the feel and the themes...


That's my take on it.

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