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Was Riker a jerk to Shelby?


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Was just watching BOBW yesterday and I still can't escape the conclusion - Riker was a douche to Shelby.

I genuinely think he was jealous of Shelby who seemed to be one step ahead of him all the time. Particularly the scene in engineering where they are trying to find ways to adapt their weapons to fight the Borg, Shelby is still full of ideas but Riker sends everyone to bed?

I will say that Shelby did take the initiative a bit too easily at times and she was wrong to go to Picard over Riker's head about her idea for the saucer separation rather than go through Riker first. I can understand his annoyance there.

However, I think Riker was almost intimidated by Shelby and was hyper defensive from the start, which got in the way of his professionalism.

Put it this way if Riker was the guest star and Shelby was the regular it would be pretty clear who was in the wrong in this situation but because we know Riker more we are inclined to take his side more even though if you look at it objectively he was in the wrong IMO.



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No - Shelby had an attitude before she got there and instigated the entire issue.


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No - Shelby was too concerned about impressing everyone (the Admiral, Picard) and didn't care whose toes she stepped on to get the job done and to get her promotion.

I also felt that she insuated to Riker that he was a "has been", someone who wanted play everything safe. 

All those factors combined irriated Riker.


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I agree. She had an attitude problem and was only concerned with doing better for herself. Had she convinced Riker to leave the Enterprise, he would have been killed in the attack.


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He wasn't intimidated, he was annoyed.

Riker always let his service record speak for it's self and he was confident that it would. He knew Picard would not be impressed by Shelby's grandstanding.

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I agree with the others:  Shelby had a superiority attitude problem that would annoy anyone (except Data)!  Once she finally settled down and accepted her role, she was able to concentrate on solving the problem and contributing to its solution.  She was too ambitious and it tended to get in her way and alienate everyone around her.

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She made it very clear that she wanted his job, whether he was interested in freeing up the position or not.  She basically took a cheap shot about his sitting in Picard's shadow.  She seemed to have little regard for the chain of command, although, in her defense, that could be attributed to Hansen giving her a wide latitude.  As for the dismissal to get some rest, that may have been somewhat of an overreaction for that point alone, but when combined with the other things, I think Riker was just trying to remind her of the chain of command.

On a side note, there was a novel that featured her, and there was some mention of her thinking back to accusing Riker of being afraid to make the big decisions, but then Riker disproving that by issuing the order to fire after they saw Locutus.

I do have to disagree with Reed, though.  Had Riker decided to accept the Melbourne after Shelby came on board, there would not have been time to transfer before the massacre.



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Shelby had a bad attitude and seemed to think way too highly of herself.


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Shelby was clearly led to believe that Riker was going to take the captaincy of the Melbourne which is why she tells Riker she wants his job as First Officer.  When Riker informs her that he hasn't vacated his position on the Enterprise, and Shelby persists in her pursuit of that position, Riker has the right to be annoyed.  As it is, he is not a jerk.  He does get annoyed when Shelby executes an end run around him, but he has that right, too.  Shelby may have stepped on too many toes and her issue is that she hasn't relinquished the image of herself as Picard's first officer.  Granted the conflict with the Borg allows for a certain amount of initiative on her part, but she is a bit too assertive where she doesn't have the authority to do so.  I suspect she was too used to having a free hand under Admiral Hanson.

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