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Parts of Mars interior as wet as Earth's

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Created by: dryson


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What do you think?

Will we find life on Mars?

What will it look like?

It would be cool to see some drawings of what you think life on Mars might look like.



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I dunno & let's see what Coriousity will find.


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I think Martians built pyramids and other structures, like some of the other websites say.  Their atmosphere may have been stripped away at about the same time as Atlantis was sunk--perhaps by the same meteor/asteroid!

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I for one believe that a Martian civilization existed and that the civilization escaped to Earth.

I also believe that the Face on Mars was carved by Martians who left Mars for Earth in very rudimentary ships because of an environmental problem with the planet Mars. Maybe because of the core of Mars the planet was not able to defend itself from Solar Storms.

This is a sad picture to paint but I envision a few hundred thousand capsules similar to Apollo and Orion hurtling towards Earth with the rest of the Martians left behind as the Solar Storm strikes Mars.

Maybe a million or so survived and made it to Earth.

This theory would make sense in so much that the knowledge of the Earth that Alexander the Great collected during his exploration went up in smoke when Cassander tried to destroy his legacy.

It is also quite interesting to think about that the libraries of Alexander might have contained such history but was lost.

It is still quite a mystery that humanity all of sudden came out of the stone age with advanced reading, math and engineering that to build the great empires.

Knowledge that would have taken far longer to acheive for an un-evolved species such as humanity. There is also mention in Summarian texts that great ancient being came to Earth and mixed with humanity.

Could these ancient beings have been from Mars that came to planet Earth and founded the empires of todday?

Is the Face on Mars a marker for us to remember where we could have come from and to always look up, ask questions and reach for the next planet in order to keep humanity alive?

Only stepping foot on Mars and exploring Mars will bring about the truth.

Although only a myth such a myth would inspire new thoughts to keep the laziness of death away. Myths that can carry humanity to new planets and beyond in the goal of conquering all that is before us.

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Although I don't nessesarliy believe that human life once exsisted on mars, I do take it into consideration. And if they do find any life of any sort it would most definitely have to be underground.

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