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If you could be any Alien species, which would you choose?

Nine of One

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I wouldn't mind being Vulcan. People already think I'm part Vulcan as is anyway. But I can't part my fingers like Tuvok.


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Klingon. I like the fact that Torres is half human and half Klingon. I like to see her inner struggle. 

"Reed Alert, that's not bad"...Malcolm Reed


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DS9 RULES!!!!!


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i would be Betazoid, or Q, but I don't think I would give anything to be an alien though. I like being human.

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Cpt. Sameway

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I would be vulcan, definately! The vulcans are always my favorite characters.


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the Grizzellas... i like the idea of their hibernation cycle



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I always said to my friends "sometimes I think that im not human and was a alien who was diched here."


why so i can be like IM BLUE! DA BA DE DA BA DA. I seem like a happy go lucky gal

but the borg can be cool

want a hug


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I'd be a Malcorian... because I've always wanted to make love to an alien.

Or a founder... just think of the shapes! My wife would be a very happy woman! LOLOL


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Im a Doctor not a computer engineer


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"Fear exists for one purpose: To be conquered" -- Kathryn Janeway


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Quote: Fun123fun8 @ Jun. 25 2012, 8:15 am


>but the borg can be cool 


Yeah... if you were borg, you wouldn't be a person, you'd be part of a collective. They you wouldn't get to enjoy being another species because you wouldn't be you.

Anyway, I'd be Romulan, because I'd be smart like vulcans, and I could be logical, but I wouldn't need to constantly be unemotional and I could live on a colder planet.

"Borg. Sounds Swedish."

Lieutenant Maurita Deka

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In case you couldn't tell from the account picture, I'd love to be a Trill (a joined one).

It would be great to havethe symbiont's experience to draw on, and it would be nice to know I was helping to add to that experience. The spots are awesome, too.

"Did I forget to wear my spots today?"


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Orion, by far the hottest chicks in the galaxy

Anything I can think of to put here would most likely get me banned


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Klingon.  the toughest alien species.

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