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Watching DS9 Along With TNG and Voyager


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I've been watching TNG from the beginning, and when I got to Season 6, I decided to start with DS9. So far I think it's good, but not as good as TNG. However, a minor difficulty arises when I try to watch the episodes by Stardate (did you know that Emissary occurs right after the TNG two-parter Chain of Command, in which the Cardassian withdrawal from the Bajor system is mentioned?). Apart from the fact that an episode occuring early in the season (Dax) has a stardate greater than any other until almost the finale, I find myself constantly being uprooted from one setting to the next. Should I just go by season (TNG 6, DS9 1, TNG 7, DS9 2, DS9 3, VOY 1, etc.), or is there another good method for watching both?

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You should watch Ds9 first then around season 2 start watching Voyager

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At the stardate 50000.0 the Dominion invated the alpha quadrant. That would be after the withdrawal of the Cardassians from Bajor according to your mentioned "Chain Of Command" TNG ep. Concluding to VOY when they returned from the delta quadrant by defeating the Borg, that would have been obviously after the end of the Dominion War.


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You should watch Voyager first, entirely. And then watch DS9. Don't mix them, the stories have nothing in common. DO NOT watch DS9 first. The stories of DS9 are that strong that you will be so dissapointed by the weak plots of Voyager.

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