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Wizard World Chicago 2012


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Anyone headed to the 2012 Chicago comic con in August?  I've been going for the past several years and it's always a good time.  This year Avery Brooks, Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bacula will be representing trek.  Check out the details here:


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I am going. Got 8 autograph tickets and a bakula photo op purchased. Hope the lines arent too long. A little cocerned with mulgrew leaving on friday and the rest on Saturday

Arnus of Terminus

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I volunteered all four days at the Chicago Comic Con. I workded Shatner's Booth as welll as Avery Brooks. Avery Brooks was a real nice guy and very down to Earth. He cracked jokes with the fans and he shooked hands with them. He even gave me a free autograph just for working his line.

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