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Survival Instinct Episode

Nine of One

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This was an interesting episode. 7 of 9 is reunited with 2 of 9, 3 of 9, and 4 of 9 ---who are all looking for answers as to what happened to them when they crashed on a planet. The former drones discovered it was 7 of 9 who reassimilated them. After the neural links was disconnected the drones only had a month to live unless they were assimiilated back into the collective.

Was it wrong for 7 of 9 to reassimilate them on that planet? Would you have made the same choice?

For some reason this episode reminded me of Lord of the Flies---only with drones instead of kids. LOL


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Kind of hard to tell what we'd do under those circumstances. Seven grew up in the Collective, so she probably thought she was doing them a favor.

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I agree. She did what she knew. 

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I think Seven regrets it now, but at the time, the Borg was all she knew, she was frightened because her link to the Collective was severed and this was the first time she had been without the voice of the Borg in her head since assimilation.

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7 of 9 was a child when assimilated. When they regained their self consciousness she was basically still a child and reacted as thus, faced to the unknown.

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