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Tales of the Lost Fleet

Emperor Norton I

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It is 2267. The United Federation of Planets and Klingon Empire have finally gone to war. You were part of a fleet dispatched to battle against an opposing fleet as part of this new conflict. After the two parties clash, the Federation finds itself largely victorious, and the Klingon fleet is largely destroyed or dispatched. However, just as the battle comes to a close, a spatial anomaly sweeps through the area, destroying any heavily damaged ships, and transporting the rest to the M81 galaxy.

You will take command of a ship of this fleet. Your mission: to either attempt to lead your people home or at least to safety, and to perhaps continue exploration along the way, and to deal with the dangers of an unknown area. The Federation will take a millenia to reach even at maximum warp. But, perhaps you will take the initiative and continue home. Or, perhaps the fleet will soon decide to settle in their new region; you will thus tame a new homeworld, set up new colonies, meet with locals, and perhaps forge a New Federation in this far off region.

Say within the fleet is based not on ship, but on rank. As you are all Captains of your ship (as well as playing the ship itself), you are thus all equal, and can -if you wish- have self determination to secede from the fleet to carry on as you wish independently, perhaps with others who wish to follow your line of thought.

Where to Find the Game:

We are hosted on the above site (though we are not Klingon). In order to get accepted faster, inform them on your membership application that you are joining for the Lost Fleet game.


Applications for ships/ship almanac entries should resemble the following:

Crew Count and Composition:

This should be posted in the discussion thread.

How to Play:

Players will, as stated previous, assume command of a ship, which they are free to decide the class of. As commander of a ship, and playing the ship as a whole, they will decide what the ship does, voice their opinions to the rest of the fleet, and participate in democratic decision making where things are put up to a vote. They are also free, should they choose, to secede from the fleet, and do something alone.

Players are free to have their ships do whatever they want, and plan whatever they want within the group. And results of actions warranting moderator oversight will be determined through a dice role, taking into account various factors such as weapons count, crew count, vessel type, and so on as modifiers. So, say you wish to explore a system to see if there is a civilization near there which can give you some supplies, or which you can trade with. A dice roll will be done determining what you find when you get to that system, with a highest being a civilization which is bountiful, a lowest being a dead system with only rocks and gas giants, and rolls in the middle being something reasonable. And there might also be a second dice roll to determine the repercussions or results of an action. So a roll for success or failure, and a roll for results of such.

The game could take a number of paths. The fleet could settle in an inhabitable system immediately, and attempt to begin a new life, and new civilization in this far off region, perhaps even establishing a New Federation once their settled world is successfully tamed. Or perhaps the fleet will take the Voyager route, and attempt to get home no matter what, surveying space as they go, and attempting to keep alive by getting power and supplies from planets and traders along the way (keep in mind, the TOS era has food replicators, but not replicators which can produce anything else, meaning supplies will need to be sought from time to time). Or perhaps a middle ground, where they attempt to get home for a while before giving in and settling somewhere.
And, perhaps part of the fleet can break off from the other, setting up two different threads going on.

Perhaps in a way, this game could be said to be like Oregon Trail, with the chance to play Civilization too.

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